VIDEOS Of Five Different Airplanes Hitting WTC 2

Many Different Airplanes Hit Second WTC Building

  Italicized comments are my comments and not part of the original videos 

Many different airplanes hit the second world trade center building on 911

Below you will see many different videos from 911 WTC Second plane crash. Please I want you to take notice that the flight path and angles are different in each of the videos which further confirms what I said before in this article. 

9/11 UA flight 175 – ” Something is not right !!!

911 Cameraman – “I Completely Got It On Tape. It Was Black, Looks Like A Military Jet”

In this video you will see the jet go perfectly horrizontal across the sky 

New NIST FOIA FBI Release #19 Clip1 and Clip13 Clear evidence that the FBI purposefully altered/destroyed evidence in the greatest criminal act of treason committed against the American people ever, and evidence of those who committed the crime against their own people …..

9/11 was an inside job, even inside the FBI video editing room. The fact this video is altered proves 100% the FBI has committed a crime, tampering with evidence. Bin Laden has not even been caught and they have altered all the evidence? That is a well planned criminal prosecution.

They knew there was not a Bin Laden, the FBI destroyed truth and justice to invade and rebuild the Middle East. The FBI is guilty of being part of 9/11, why else would they destroy and hide all the evidence? This cameraman doubts it was Bin Laden.


In this video at about four minutes, you will see the jet coming in from up high and coming down on an angel and then striking the build. Not once is the jet flying horizontally as in the video above

the mysterious ball object that hit the towers!! the news feed did want you to see this!!!

911 Rare View of 2nd Hit

Compare this video to the first one. The plane here is up really high and coming down and turning very steeply before impact.

Second plane hit, CBS, 9/11, 09:10

In this video you see the plane coming in very slowly from yet another angle. Do realize these different angles are not due to the position of the camera.

2nd Plane WTC

In this video you see the plane flying very slowly. It is definitely not flying at 560 mph as the 911 Commission report says. One thing you should find really one is that the many is fly straigt (horizontally) So why is the plane flying with its left wing so far down? If that video was real, the plane would be turning very sharply.

911 second Plane hits second WTC tower – with sound – archival stock footage

Take notice in this video that there are no screams as the airplane approaches… The screams only began after the explosion. Now that you know the videos showing planes are fake you can understand why these people did not start screaming even a few seconds before the plane hit.

It is obvious from them screaming immediately when the explosion occurred that they were watching the tower before the explosion and would of reacted upon seeing the plane coming in.

It is interesting how this woman says she saw the plane after the explosion occured. Then even more interesting is that she says “It looked like a war plane”  She sounds believable. But it would not be difficult to dub her voice onto the video after the fact. So from this video it is obvious that something appears to fly into the building. But it surely was not a white painted commercial aircraft…

Phone Call to Dimitri- 911 Nuclear Demolitions – Re-edited

So Now Do You Realize 911 is a big lie. All the corporate media whores should be rounded up and imprisoned as accomplices to this huge crime…

The American military and government needed an excuse to engage in long terms wars with the Middle East to seize control over oil production.

In order to acheive this excuse, they used their control over the mainstream media to promote terrorism by airing faked plane footage corresponding with a bomb explosion. All the proof is in the 9/11 footage. God bless the No Planes Theory!

The WTC2 Media Hoax Part 1 Segment 1 of 3   part 1

ONE WING DISAPPEARS in live shot 9/11/01. WPIX Dub3 03.avi Nist cumulus release 14

This video further proves that the plane video are fake. Why would the wing disappear but nothing else in the video did. I do videos and never ever do things disappear on videos..

1/5th seconds is a lifetime during a crash. A Real impact is immediate. Real objects get crushed in a twinkle of a eye. Impacts and collisions captured on video are discernable during analysis. Its NOT about th WING. That’s a bonus.


Here’s a conspiracy fact for you.
High rated comments posted here get deleted.
They simply disappear. So. .. Bite me youtube. I’m gonna post them here.

If my channel gets shut down .. well – we all know that’s the norm here in Amerika nowadays. We have a bunch of satanic murdering soul-less beasts running our country – Skull and bonesmen, bohemiam grove and lord only knows what else…

@djmikec22 What we SEE is a impossible feat.
Only a CGI plane can completely enter a steel and concrete structure
without a crash on the outside.
Try that with your car sometime.
Go as fast as you want and hit a solid structure thats harder than your car.

hitech98 2 months ago 26 thumbs up

@Matu1 “Steel Beams” are pretty solid.Tell me- which part of the WTC “plane” turned into dust upon impact with anyof these numerous steel beams?

As shown in the real world video of the testplane being atomized into dust when it hits the wall. The nose? The tail?Fuselage? Wings?Any 9/11 video clearly shows the plane didn’t have a “impact” upon contactwith the wtc.It ghosted into the structure. A virtual image is what we see. A fake plane.You can’t explain that.

hitech98 1 month ago 11 thumbs up

People need to understand that no longer do our governments work for the people like us. They are bought and are corrupt beyond repair. Why did they start shipping steel from WTC’s the next day?

Shouldn’t they have kept hold of it to examine it so future buildings could be more resistant to free fall collapses we witnessed in future?

Like any criminal they got rid of the evidence straight away. Dont get angry you have been mislead,we all were but do use your freedom of thought to understand.

MultiBritishbulldog 6 days ago 4 thumbs up

@BellevueParkTV Duh this.
Focus on the image (plane) penetrating the steel and concrete w/o a impact occurring.
See that tail fin? See those wings??
REALLY see them close. Now watch them SLICE through the structure.
WHY didn’t they break, crumple or crunch? Why?
The camera didn’t collect all the information it needed??
Simple physics don’t apply here??
Intelligence without some common sense isn’t much good.
I’ve known geniuses who couldn’t load film into a camera.

hitech98 1 month ago 6 thumbs up

@yoitstess Whoa tess,Lives WERE lost. .. the world changed & you want to just leave it?Why is that? There are no statute of limitations for the crimes of mass murder.

You don’t honor the memories by letting killers walk the street. 11 years & no more excuses. People in this country NEED to get fired up.What’s next? Indefinate detention of american’s on home soil?ohhh wait.. that’s right- we now have that.

hitech98 1 month ago 18  thumbs up

From the moment of a real plane hitting the 4 inch steel of the tower, a shockwave would have traveled down the plane at 5000 mph and would have deformed the back of the plane almost instantaneously or caused it to break off.  … So the plane also shows zero interaction physics or zero crash physics.

Mirrored. Original found here:

All know angles of 2nd “plane” hit w links

Original NIST Release- Search this
WPIX Dub3 03.avi Nist cumulus release 14

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Original No-Plane Witness On 9/11

So during this video you are asked which witness you believe. But at the very end they show you a picture of the plane with the missing wing.

People today are now aware that corporate media use actors to tell the story they want the people to hear.

I myself have witnessed how media stages their stories with fake actors.

I watched this while I covered the OccupyNS (Nova Scotia) events here in Halifax. 

No second plane, it was a bomb. Who said it was a second plane?”That’s what we’re told, we saw it on television.’‘No, I saw everything.’Interviews undertaken by Rick Leventhal 5 minutes apart, around 10:20am on Fox News, September Eleventh 2001. Now in HD.

US Military Intelligence says No Plane Hit The Pentagon , Controlled Media

9/11 – Fakes

government inserted CGI Plane

9/11 Fake: As Seen On TV!

9/11: 2nd Plane Hit Collection

6 thoughts on “VIDEOS Of Five Different Airplanes Hitting WTC 2”

  1. On the clip titles All Known footage of second plane….. at 1:57 – 2:06 you will see 2 boats chugging along The instant that the plane appears, both boats travelling left, skip back momentarily then carry on. I don’t know anything at all about editing, but that looks dodgy.

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    1. I’m not sure if I can see what you are referring to Andrew. Are you sure you noted the right time? I’d really like to take a look at what you’re talking about so if you happen to come back here (I noticed your comment is from 2014) way I it again and see if that’s the right time.

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  2. while watching the second plane on its path way to the tower I could clearly notice the left wing passing behind the dark building in the background and this is with no doubt an error of editing as the left wing clearly goes behind the last dark building in the background 100%. watch and see for yourself.


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