Most Censored 9-11 WTC Video on Youtube

Explicit Truth 150px textProof that WTC 911 Plane Videos Faked By Media

Most Censored 9-11 WTC Video on Youtube.

Youtube really does not want you to see this video about 9-11 faked media videos.

This is the second time I upload this video.

This has to be the most censored video on youtbube about 9-11 WTC Faked Media videos.

I had to change the title of it when I re uploaded it because youtube wont let me reupload it.

WOW..this is amazing. A black screen.

Youtube really does not want you to see or hear my commentary on this video.

This was the name of the my first video “More proof fake wtc 911 plane videos

As annoying as it is to watch. I recommend you watch the whole short video.

You will be able to see and hear enough to understand what youtube is censoring.
Here is the link for it.

Basically I am pointing out that there were many different official versions of the WTC second plane shown to the world by corporate media.

So show the plane flying straight in.
Some show it fly over the smoke.
Some show it fly under the smoke.

Some show different backgrounds on, but have the same foregrond.

This original video below really proves that the videos were faked.

Be sure to watch the part where the aluminum plane front comes completely through the building undamaged. That is impossible.

Please go here to learn everything about 9-11

This link is to the original video that I did this video about.
“9/11 UA flight 175 – ” Something is not right !!! “

Stay tuned I will find another video site to upload my video to and I will come back here to post the link to it.

Here is another video I did you will find very interesting.

“Fake 911 WTC plane videos”

Go to this link for full article with photos and more videos.

Here is the link to my full play list of 9-11 videos on youtube.



  • Er.

    Either this is meant to be ironic – no planes, no video – or this link is no good.

  • FolkPhotographer


    Thanks..I did not know youtube censored this again. I had to wait for the encoding to finish. Please read the info I posted below the video..

    ·in reply to leeandbeahinton

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