AA911Truth will not feature the Dancing Israelis in 9-11 film what are they afraid of

Zionist Lies (2) 150px textHello Richard and David,

I’m writing this because it would seem that “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” are now involved in a Hollywood film about 9/11 and because your investigative work, David, was allegedly to be used for the original project.

* * *

I find the fairy tale in Howard Cohen’s recent e-mail impossible to swallow.* (Please see the e-mail below my sign off.)

Howard Cohen is currently claiming that his original script was stolen and copyrighted by someone else, and is being used to extort money, so a new script has been written..

I first became aware of the original project when there were appeals for financial and other help, beginning at least in February 2011, when I received the following e-mail.  (My own offer to donate some voiceover work was, apparently, not received with any great enthusiasm.)

On 17 February 2011 01:12, Howard Cohen < masterplanningassociates@yahoo.com> wrote:

To all Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth petition signatories,

Ed has a message for you – please check out this video –


I have attached the script for your review.

Please write or call me so we can discuss a role for you (in front or behind the camera) in what will become the 9/11 Truth Movement’s “Weapon of Mass Instruction” – based on the books of David Ray Griffin and supported by research and evidence provided by the leading 9/11 truth advocates and truth groups – including the nano-thermite team.


386-316-0842 (24/7) — ENDS

Back to Anthony Lawson: The script, in fact, was not attached to the e-mail, but may have been attached to other similar e-mails, and I would like to ask you, is it plausible that any kind of Hollywood producer would be attaching a non-copyrighted script to multiple recipient e-mails which could be forwarded to anyone by anyone?

I think not.

Therefore, I responded to Mr Cohen’s recent implausible e-mail as follows.

Anthony Lawson

to exec.director

Will this new script mention the so called “Dancing Israelis”

who were in New York to “document the event”?
To which he replied:

Howard Cohen masterplanningassociates@yahoo.com

to me

No. It is outside the storyline of our feature film.

To which I replied:

Anthony Lawson

to Howard

Hello Howard,

Why does that not surprise me?



Richard and David,

It does not surprise me that the “Dancing Israelis” will not be included because I think some Hollywood people who think they can pull the wool over our eyes are about to produce a film that is yet another part of the cover up as to who were the true perpetrators behind the events of 9/11.

Please see my video uploaded on Novemeber 10, 2010.  The last link will take you straight to the lead up to the “Dancing Israelis” and other pertinent sections as to their possible involvement.

Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates



David and Richard: I have great respect for what both of you have done for the 9/11 Truth Movement, but if either of you are going to lend your illustrious names to a project that will not include a single mention of one of the most sinister aspects of 9/11 then I fear that all your prior efforts might well have been in vain.

Not featuring the Dancing Israelis in a film about 9/11
would be like leaving the Iceberg
out of the Titanic disaster.


Anthony Lawson


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: < exec.director@aa911truth.org>
Date: 11 August 2012 06:33
Subject: (Our 9/11 Feature Film): “THE KING IS DEAD – LONG LIVE THE KING” – Hollywood Style!
To: exec.director@aa911truth.org

No, I’m not talking about Elvis, but you’ve heard the expression. It means that when the reigning monarch of a country dies a new one is immediately named to replace him/her in power.

Such was the case with our feature film, “A Violation of Trust”.

Shortly after the January “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” newsletter featured a story about our proposed film I was contacted by what I can only call a “Hollywood bottom-feeder” who informed me that he had gotten hold of a copy of our script and “copyrighted our script” without our knowledge and definitely without our permission.

He was trying to use that copyright registration to extort money from us. Several attorneys informed me that while this is both illegal and unethical, it’s not the first time this has happened in Hollywood.

Faced with lengthy and expensive legal procedures to reverse this illegal copyright, we were advised to close down production of the film based upon the illegally copyrighted script. That’s what we did…..

…..and then immediately turned this negative into a positive – by having an entirely new script written that presents an even more provocative and captivating film opportunity. A new script for a completely new feature film that touches the human side of this tragedy – making it an even “greater value” to the public – exposing not only the lies about the official account of that day, but the consequences of those lies (such as the false pretenses for the illegal invasion of Afghanistan) – which brings the movie into the current political, social and economic climate we are all suffering through as a result of whatever really happened on 9/11.

For example:

Charges of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity (re: the Bush administration) addressed in our new film:

1.   Waging a war of aggression against Afghanistan and the Afghan people (President Bush said it was in self-defense – but our script proves it wasn’t);
2.   War Crimes committed against the people of Afghanistan by the use of weapons of mass destruction that make no distinction between civilians and the enemy. That cause unnecessary injuries and suffering (fuel-air bombs, cluster bombs and munitions containing radioactive depleted uranium – all illegal under international humanitarian laws);
3.   Crimes against Humanity in respect of the depleted uranium weapons used on the people of Afghanistan to exterminate the population and for the crime of “Omnicide” the extermination of life, contamination of air, water and food resources and the irreversible alteration of the genetic code of all living organisms including plant life as a direct consequence of the use of radioactive munitions in Afghanistan affecting countries in the entire region;
4.   Crimes against Humanity for exposing soldiers and other personnel of the United States and other soldiers of coalition forces to radioactive contamination by the use of DU weapons, hazarding their lives, their physiology, and that of their future progeny by irreversible alteration of the genetic code.




Scroll down about a third of the way on the home page. Look for “Trickery and Treachery” (our new film’s title).

Thank you.
Howard Cohen

Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden.

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Werner Bock says, Dancing Israelis and a truck with Israeli agents, loaded full of explosives, all filmed and stopped,when the towers came dowm, and what
evidence did they have to link 911 to Arabs? One passport, supposed highjackers taking flight training in Florida on single engine aircraft, and afterwards some of the supposed highjackers were still alive.

Then there is Building 7 with all the loose ends, was powered down three weeks earlier for three days, housed the administration of th pension funds of the professors of the Ivy Ligue Universities, totalling about $350 Billion. Looks a little bit like te Pentagon and the $2.3 Trillion missing.

Then look at the trillions the same Crooks made in the wars that followed, based on the lies and desceptions from 911. “In the last days there will be wickedness in high places, they will deceive and they will get deceived”. That is the Nature of the Beast and of those who follow it. Werner Bock

One thought on “AA911Truth will not feature the Dancing Israelis in 9-11 film what are they afraid of”

  1. Cohen’s story is hogwash. The original script was copyrighted by Cohen himself (and his co-executive producer, Ray Zimmerman). From the copyright.gov records:


    Type of Work: Dramatic Work and Music; or Choreography
    Registration Number / Date: PAu003569652 / 2011-08-02
    Application Title: CONFESSION OF A 9/11 CONSPIRATOR.
    Description: Electronic file (eService)
    Notes: Screenplay
    Copyright Claimant: HOWARD COHEN, 1946- . Address: 17530 HAYNES, VAN NUYS, CA, 92406, United States.
    RAYMOND GLENN ZIMMERMAN, 1952- . Address: PO BOX 1914, EL PRADO, NM, 87529, United States.
    Date of Creation: 2011
    Authorship on Application: HOWARD COHEN, 1946- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: text.
    RAYMOND GLENN ZIMMERMAN, 1952- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: text.
    Rights and Permissions: RAYMOND GLENN ZIMMERMAN, PO BOX 1914, EL PRADO, NM, 87529, United States, (310) 418-1195, rztaos@gmail.com
    Names: COHEN, HOWARD, 1946-


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