Nuclear Radioactive Wave Dustification of WTC Steel Structure

WTC Spires Explained – Dimitri Khalezov

Nuclear Devices Used at WTC GROUND ZERO

inacarjam has sent you a message April 16 2015 on youtube

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Thanks for posting a video on YouTube about the events that happened on 9/11.

Most educated civilians have no idea about the real “Violence of Truth” about what really happened on Sept 11th,2001.

We do believe that some type of devices were used in the twin tower basements.
After more than 14 years of research and fact finding a few simple videos prove these towers were disintegrated..

PLEASE view just these two videos so we can get your input asap.

We have viewed countless videos that have these white flashes hidden in the dust clouds as the buildings disintegrate.

We think these devices were used to disintegrate the steel core columns..
In this one video one can clearly see a massive amount of white flashes..

There are two versions of this video but the one you need to view is the longer version titled..
( wtc 2 Enhanced G Pollard Study) It is around 9:45 long..

The beginning is very interesting but fast forward to around 8:40 in this video..
At 8:40 to the very end you can clearly see these thousands of white flashes..
The person who taped this video fast forward and then rewinds a few times..

Its monstrous viewing these white flashes.
Any person can take the time and view a YouTube video with the collapse and see these same white flashes but it takes time..
On YouTube type { World Trade Center Collapse In Super Slow Motion)

As the building is being disintegrated anyone can view the center of the screen inside the dust clouds and see hundreds and hundreds of white flashes..

Very clever on there part with this technology.
You might like this one video this young man posted some time ago on YouTube..
{ 911-WTC Core Spire Vaporized: Raw 360 Degree Visual Evidence:}

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2011

I don’t know of a more compelling evidence one can produce of the shocking truth that WTC got vaporized. It is neither demolition nor collapse. May God have mercy on all those whose remains are still missing or can’t be identified even by a DNA test.

Another outrageous video that is so sinister and ugly you’ll want to scream is called..
{Dustification of WTC 1 & WTC 2 Explained:}

We know your time is valuable and never would we waste your time or ours with spewing wild inaccurate assumptions.

Video and Photos pull no punches and can’t sell bullshit stories..
We have the aerial photos of dump trucks loaded with material being brought to ground zero..

This substance turns out to be M291 resin.
The National Security Administration trucked this resin to ground zero and its a military technology which is deployed for purpose of radio-logical


Check this site out..

Put that together and check out the info…

Please PLEASE just view those few videos and give us your honest thoughts..

You struck a nerve about the bodies that hit the pavement at ground zero..

We have some evidence that doesn’t add up in the real world about these supposed victims jumping to their deaths..

Hope you get back to us asap..MjM Cape & Islands..

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