New Docu-thriller, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception” Launches Crowdfund Campaign on IndieGoGo

 The Anatomy of a Great Decption
Media Contact:
Samantha Moreno, Media Relations
734-217-7635 direct
New Docu-thriller, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception” Launches Crowdfund Campaign on IndieGoGo
The fast-paced film follows one man’s search for truth while he copes with the findings of his own 9/11 investigation.
Crowd Funding Request by Dave Hooper
David Hooper, Filmmaker, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

Detroit, MI, June 6, 2014 – Documentary filmmaker, David Hooper deals with the findings of his own investigation into several mysteries surrounding the controversies of the 9/11 official story. His commentary about the emotions involved in dealing with the emotions involved sets the film apart.

The film has been completed but in order to finish the final edits and execute their unique distribution plan, Hooper has turned to the crowdfunding platform, IndieGoGo, to raise at least $50,000 dollars to execute the plan. “The film is being sound-engineered as we speak,” stated businessman-turned filmmaker, David Hooper, who expects to have the film finalized in mid-July.

“The Anatomy of a Great Deception,” which focuses much attention on the paradox of Building 7’s collapse on 9/11, seeks to add to the 9/11 truth movement’s voice, which seems to be gaining momentum. On June 2, 2014 the 24-member, 9/11 Consensus Panel – which includes physicists, chemists, engineers, commercial pilots, attorneys and lawyers announced three new studies confirming the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7. The studies scientifically refute the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) claim that, for the first time in history, fire caused the sudden and complete collapse of a large, fire-protected, steel-framed building on 9/11., a Detroit-based, independent-film studio and distribution house was formed to promote the film, for its September release. It will coincide with expected national media coverage of the 9/11 anniversary. The film will be released through conventional sales channels, including digital platforms. “But, it’s our proprietary distribution plan that has big potential, ” said the filmmaker, who, “hopes to capitalize on impulse buying habits by getting the film for sale in the checkout area of thousands of retailers in up to three Midwest cities to start.” Depending on the campaign’s level of success, the film will be introduced in Chicago, Detroit and/or Ann Arbor, MI, where filmmaker David Hooper has ties to each. If the three-city test is successful, the company plans to continue the release of the film in a city-by-city pattern, “Unless something happens to speed that up,” adds finance chief, Anthony Sousa.


TRAILER 1   Build 7 Paradox
Teaser Trailer 1 – The Anatomy of a Great Deception

As the pre-release marketing period winds down, Moving Flicks plans to host a launch party in Chicago and/or Detroit that will include cocktails, a screening of the film and some live entertainment.  It’s their hope to make the Chicago Launch Party this year’s rendezvous point for the 9/11 truth community.

They hope the film and launch party will contribute towards the momentum of organizations like, Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth, a non-profit non-partisan organization of architects, engineers and affiliates dedicated to revealing facts about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center high-rises on September 11, 2001.

Richard Gage's Endorsement of the film, The Anatomy of a Great Deception

Richard Gage’s Endorsement of the film, The Anatomy of a Great Deception

Richard Gage discusses his thoughts about the upcoming film, The Anatomy of a Great Deception and asks for help to get the film into the hands of lots of people.

Richard Gage’s endorsement of the film, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”
“We’ve also pledged to donate to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund, which provides educational assistance to family members of victims of 9/11,” according to Samantha Moreno, head of media relations for Moving Flicks. A dollar from each DVD sold will go to these organizations.
The funding landscape has changed for filmmakers since crowdfunding emerged as an option where fans can back a project by contributing as little as a few dollars. Those few dollars can add up if you have a loyal following, The most notable example is the Veronica Mars Movie that had a limited run in March of this year.  Fans of the show raised over $5 million dollars on crowdfunding site, KickStarter, to get a feature film made.
“The money sought for “The Anatomy of a Great Deception” will help keep the memory of 9/11 alive by giving the truth some help which it seems to need,” finished Hooper. Donation levels start for as little as $5.00, which includes entry in drawing to walk the red carpet and attend the opening night screening. Donation levels at $25 include an autographed collector’s edition DVD. And it is not too late to be a producer and appear in the credits, either. “For as little as $250, not only will you have tickets to the release party, but your name will be on the silver screen as a Assistant Producer,” boasted Moreno. The gift packages reach $5000, which includes a cameo in the film and a home screening by the filmmaker.If you want to help the film’s message reach a wider audience, visit the Film’s Crowdfund Campaign, to learn more.
About Moving Flicks, LLC
Moving Flicks, LLC is a privately held company with offices in Detroit and Chicago.  Filmmaker, David Hooper spent three years making the film before forming the company in May 2014.  Moving Flicks will continue to produce and distribute independent films through its proprietary distribution network after the launch of its current film, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception.”
© Copyright 2014 Moving Flicks, LLC. All rights reserved.


When can we see a real trailer?  The claim is made that the movie is done and the money is needed for distribution.  If the movie is done, we should be able to see a better trailer than this.  This doesn’t even make me want to watch the film, let alone donate money toward its distribution.?

Brian Edwards
I loved your Blair Witch Project.  I hope this is as successful.?

Harold Saive

Another 9/11 documentary?  We have so many 9/11 video projects that do little more than amuse audiences on youtube who already know 9/11 was an inside job.  What we need is for a Hollywood producer to release a film exposing the coverup using the resources and forensic evidence of  Richard Gage’s organization –  – This is not likely to happen.?

David Hooper

Harold, Richard Gage is totally behind this film.  Find out why before you poop on the idea!  You’ll be surprised to know what is going on behind the scenes with this film.?

Harold Saive

Instead of creating another DVD, let’s raise money to support the NYC High Rise Safety Initiative to expose Larry Silverstein and the Building-7 lie.  Another DVD project seems like just more self-indulgence.

Michael Atkinson

Thank you for doing this film.  It is just too obvious that the official story is full of lies and omissions of easily-understandable truths.  There was a massive cover-up and people deserve the truth.?



AGE OF DECEIT – Fallen Angels and the New World


Masterful work describing the Satanic deception at work in our society. By Face Like the Sun productions with Gonzo Shimura, Chris White and Doug Hamp.

One thought on “New Docu-thriller, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception” Launches Crowdfund Campaign on IndieGoGo”

  1. I’m sorry to bring you bad news David but the production of this movie is part of a very important cover-up of how free energy was weaponized and used to separate the molecular bonds of the World Trade Center buildings which turned them to dust in mid-air. (and most everything contained within)

    Our civilization is built on the exploitation of fossil fuel extraction, refinement, distribution, consumption, taxation, and floats the economy at the risk of runaway global warming. The utilization of free energy as demonstrated on 9/11 for peaceful purposes would solve this problem making the current energy industry as relevant as the horse and buggy. Think about a world without gas stations or electric companies. Where do you put the meter? How do you tax it? Is protecting our biosphere for generations to come more important than protecting those that profit from our collective demise? This is the reason why Dr. Wood and her definitive forensic research is such a threat.

    Statements from past AE911Truth systems administrators confirm my suspicions that a 501c3 non–profit corporation is being funded by government agencies through donations. (see below) BTY, using the Crowd-funding site Indiegogo is a great idea to fund this project through government agencies too! Bravo!!! Maybe Dr. Wood should use crowd-funding too. Just a thought, you know… For those who are worthy and willing to find the truth, it will always find them.

    Form 990 ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9-11 TRUTH INC, Part I Summary, 1.) mission statement

    Our mission is to research, compile, and disseminate (some) scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, (not all 7, just 3 of the buildings) calling for a truly open and independent investigation and supporting others in the pursuit of justice. (Except Dr. Judy Wood)

    Form 990 ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9-11 TRUTH INC, Schedule A, Part II, Section A

    from 2008 to 2012 AE911Truth income was $1.365 million!!! I think it’s time for a tax audit…Just a thought, you know…

    Click to access 26-1532493_990_201212.pdf

    If Mr. Gage was searching for the truth, then he would not be trying to deceive his supporters and the American people by claiming to present the best “scientific forensic evidence”, only to completely ignore the large sum of scientific forensic evidence that thermite does not explain. If a scientist or researcher only presented the evidence that supports their hypothesis while completely ignoring the evidence that countered their hypothesis, they could be stripped of their professional license or degree for presenting such an unscientific and biased fraction of the total sum of important physical evidence that demands consideration.

    Theory, speculation, and belief are not necessary to understand that directed energy was used on 9/11, rather, only detailed study of the empirical evidence from 9/11 is necessary. Situations like this are rare in science, where there is so much empirical evidence that one can bypass theory and speculation to draw an irrefutable conclusion from the evidence. This also helps to illustrate a major difference between Dr. Judy Wood and other 9/11 researchers, as she did not start with theory or speculation and then begin researching to see if it was consistent with the evidence. Instead, Dr. Wood simply did what any objective, vigilant scientist would do, she gathered and studied as much of the empirical evidence from 9/11 as possible, assembling a monumental database of verifiable physical evidence that dwarfs the efforts of any other 9/11 “research”, including the unscientific ‘9/11 Commission Report’. After gathering and studying all of this important evidence, Dr. Wood arrived at the only logical, inescapable conclusion that explains all of this empirical evidence, a general category of weapon technology known as ‘directed energy weapons’ (DEW). It would be theory or speculation to go beyond that by trying to name a specific weapon technology or location, because that is not what the evidence allows us to irrefutably conclude. This is why the term is left as a general one, because that is the only logical, conclusive, and irrefutable conclusion that the evidence allows us to make.

    This download is the Foreword and book review of “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” by Eric Larsen, Professor Emeritus at John Jay College of Criminal Justice 1971 – 2006 (35 years), plus the Author’s Preface.

    Click to access Where%20Did%20The%20Towers%20Go%20-%20Dr%20Judy%20Wood.pdf

    Those of us who have read Dr. Wood’s book can give at least 10 reasons that rule out the theory by “AE911trutherd” that welding material destroyed the WTC. How many can you list ? Hint: the bottom of page 45, the top of page 171, the diagrams on page 81 and 84, the diagram at the bottom of page 11, and of course pages 122 to 127. The list is endless, actually.

    Better yet, go to any engineering professor or professional engineer and ask if the welding material, thermite, can turn a building into dust in mid air in 10 seconds – or if thermite can turn a building to powder in mid air. You might leave red-faced, but at least you will know you’ve been fleeced.

    By reading WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?, you know from the EVIDENCE that the Twin Towers turned to dust in mid-air never hitting the ground.

    >Bombs don’t do that.
    >Thermite does not do that.
    >Thermate does not do that.
    >Nano-enhanced thermite does not do that.
    >Nano-thermite does not do that.
    >New-and-improved super-duper mini-micro-nano thermite does not do that.
    >Firecrackers do not do that.
    >Fire does not do that.
    >Nukes do not do that.
    >Megga nukes do not do that.
    >Milli-nukes do not do that.
    >Mini-nukes do not do that.
    >Nano-nukes cannot do that.
    >A wrecking ball cannot do that.
    >A slingshot cannot do that.
    >Missiles cannot do that.

    We know this because we know those things above involve Kinetic Energy and/or Thermal Energy and we know that the “dustification” was done without Kinetic Energy and without Thermal Energy. That is, “dustification” was not done with high heat (Thermal Energy) nor with some form of Kinetic Energy (wrecking ball, projectile, gravity collapse). The building was not cooked to death nor was it beaten to death. So Kinetic Energy Weapons (KEW) did not destroy the buildings nor did Thermal Energy Weapons (TEW) destroy the buildings. But we know that Energy was Directed somehow (and controlled within fairly precise boundaries) to cause the building to turn to dust in mid air. That is, some kind of (cold) Directed Energy Weapon (cDEW) had to have done this. Energy was directed and manipulated within the material such that it came apart without involving high heat (fire, welding materials such as thermite) and without having something fly through the air and hit it (bullets, missile, bombs, wrecking ball, a giant hammer, or many micro hammers)

    If this technology can manipulate energy to do something like this, it can also be manipulated to provide us with “free energy” (i.e. “off the grid”). Simply by looking at the cover of Dr. Wood’s book you can realize there must be a technology that can do this. This is evidence that such technology does exist. This is evidence that a technology capable of providing “free energy” (“off the grid”) exists. The whole world witnessed this which means the whole world can know that “free-energy technology” exists. This realization will change the world. This is probably the biggest reason why there is so much effort spent misrepresenting, distorting, and suppressing Dr. Wood’s research.

    Those that choose to focus on hearsay, speculation, conspiracy theories, or unqualified opinions while ignoring irrefutable factual evidence by avoiding it is what keeps a cover-up in place. Diverting the public to arguing between the two false choices of “9/11 Truthers” verses “The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory” while ignoring the facts is classic perception management designed to hide and obscure the evidence. (Chanting “9/11 Was An Inside Job!” is equivalent to chanting “Yes To Fascism!”)

    Richard Gage is NOT a qualified forensic scientist. Dr. Judy Wood IS a qualified forensic scientist. AE911Truth is calling for a new investigation. This implies an admission that they are NOT qualified to conduct such an investigation of what happened. Otherwise, why are they calling for a new investigation instead of conducting one themselves — unless the intention is to knowingly distract its members and others away from the new investigation that has already been conducted? AE911Truth wants a new investigation? They already have one. It’s contained in a book called “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” Why is AE911Truth suppressing it? AE911Truth cannot lobby Congress. They are a 501( c )3 and are prohibited from lobbying Congress. Why didn’t AE911Truth submit their so-called “thermite evidence” to NIST? – Oh, that’s right. It’s a federal crime to defraud the government. Why hasn’t AE911Truth filed a Federal qui tam case? Because they haven’t blown the whistle on anything and they have no evidence and it is past the statute of limitation. So, why didn’t they support Dr. Wood’s Federal qui tam case that was filed instead of banning members who mentioned it? * — I guess they really didn’t want such a case to go forward. So they want “respect and compassion for all people” except for those named “Dr. Judy Wood.”

    AE911truth first opened their website about 3.5 weeks AFTER Dr. Wood submitted her Request for Corrections (RFC) to NIST. She was the first to submit an RFC that blew the whistle on the contractors for the NIST report. Can you say “damage control” ? Then she filed a federal qui tam case that could have blown this whole case wide open, including putting people under oath – if there were enough supporters. Guess what? It became a policy in AE911Truth to ban those who discussed the work of Dr. Wood in an honest manor. ** Since Richard Gage, founder & CEO of AE911truth, bought Dr. Wood’s book in the spring of 2011 and read it, he can no longer use “plausible deniability” as a defense. Mr. Gage is knowingly leading people away from the truth about 9/11 and using AE911Truth funds to accomplish this task. So leading people away from the truth must be the mission of AE911Truth. How else could he justify using AE911Truth funds to buy this book? Who funds AE911Truth? Donations through the donation drives on his site have dried up. However, donating creates a psychological hold on the donor and they are less likely to leave the organization or question Mr. Gage. Dr. Wood is a teacher and promotes independent thinking. Perhaps this is why she does not ask for donations on her website or conduct membership drives for a “truth club” to keep everyone in lockstep, where members are issued a list of talking points to focus on so that they don’t go looking for the truth. Dr. Wood is just one person. Richard Gage brags about having a large membership in lockstep with him. So why is he so concerned about just ONE person and radiates such anger at Dr. Wood? The truth is powerful and it emerges through independent thought.

    The scientific method, as it came into being during the Enlightenment period, is a method of thought known as empiricism or as the empirical method. Under the terms of empiricism, all conclusions are, must, and can be drawn from observable evidence and from observable evidence only. Evidence must precede any and every conclusion to be drawn from it. Then, if sound logic governs in the relationship between evidence and the conclusion drawn from it, that conclusion will be irrefutable

    Scientists, as all know or should know, proceed in their thinking not according to belief or desired outcome but according solely and only to what the empirical evidence they have gathered, studied, and observed allows them to conclude or makes it inevitable for them to conclude.

    This is why Dr. Wood’s work is irrefutable. She only presents evidence and an analysis of that evidence. There is no use for a theory in forensic science. Either you know something or you don’t. That is why those in charge of a cover up don’t want people to look at the evidence in Dr. Wood’s book. Dr. Wood does not ask you to believe her. She only wants you to believe yourself and think for yourself and look at the evidence yourself and not argue about opinions of theories of speculation of ideasŠ That is what keeps a cover up in place. Those of us who have read Dr. Wood’s book know this to be true.

    On 9/11 over a half mile of vertical building height, containing nearly 150 football fields of floor space, was reduced to a near-level field of dust and debris, where rescue workers walked horizontally or rappelled into empty caverns to look for survivors. How was this possible given the standard laws of engineering and physics? The 9/11 Commission Report bypassed this central issue, as did the report of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Contrary to its stated objective of determining ‘why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed,’ the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) made the stunning admission that it did not investigate how the towers fell. Neither the standard view that the Twin Towers collapsed from fire nor the standard opposition view that they were intentionally detonated by thermite explosives explains the evidence, nor do they follow the laws of engineering and physics. Dr. Wood left Clemson to research the 9/11 conundrum full time, and she has focused her research strictly on physical evidence and scientific principles. WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? provides an understandable, credible, and photo-enhanced summary of Dr. Wood’s disturbing findings, which resulted in her lawsuit against the contractors of the NIST report.

    Dr. Judy Wood earned a Ph.D. Degree from Virginia Tech and is a former professor of mechanical engineering. She has research expertise in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, deformation analysis, materials characterization and materials engineering science. Her research has involved testing materials, including complex-material systems, in the area of photomechanics, or the use of optical and image-analysis methods to determine physical properties of materials and measure how materials respond to forces placed on them. Her area of expertise involves interferometry.

    She taught graduate and undergraduate engineering classes and has authored or co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed papers in her areas of expertise.
    In the time since 9/11/01, she has applied her expertise in materials science, image analysis and interferometry, to a forensic study of over 40,000 images, hundreds of video clips and a large volume of witness testimony pertaining to the destruction of the WTC complex. Dr. Wood has conducted a comprehensive forensic investigation of what physically happened to the World Trade Center site on 9/11. And, based on her analysis of the evidence she gathered, in 2007, she filed a federal qui tam case for science fraud against the contractors who contributed to the official NIST report about the destruction of the WTC. This case was filed in the US Supreme Court in Dec 2009. To this day, Dr. Wood’s investigation is the only comprehensive forensic investigation in the public domain.

    *Chapter 31. AE911 “Truth” and Other Sites Again Censor The Evidence 04 Apr 2010
    AE911 – Silently Deletes A Petition Signer (pages 297 to 300) of 9/11Finding the Truth – A Compilation of Articles by Andrew Johnson Focused around the research and evidence compiled by Dr. Judy Wood

    Click to access 9-11%20-%20Finding%20the%20Truth.pdf

    **In Appendix C, page 238, section C, (Refined searches) of Michael Armenia’s book, “Nanomanagement:The Disintegration of a Non-Profit Corporation”, the name “Judy Wood” is a search term used to disqualify a person’s affiliation with AE911Truth.

    Field Interference 013 AE911Truth: A Failure By Design
    Field Interference 013 AE911Truth: A Failure By Design – Sarah & Thomas Corriher from

    We reported about Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( in episode 16 of our audio reports. We worked for them as their systems administrators for almost two years. As a high-level administrator inside the organization, I witnessed a stunning degree of mismanagement and I was privy to everything; including the stuff that nobody was supposed to see.


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