THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

Published on Sep 11, 2015

On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book ‘Methodical Deception’. New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the “official story”, forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

Rebekah Roth Youtube Channel.

Rebekah Roth Exposed

Published on Dec 10, 2015

REBEKAH ROTH UNWIGGED! Methodical Illusion turned Methodical Deception

Published on Dec 25, 2015

When Rebekah Roth first came on the scene several months ago, we all applauded: Who wouldn’t? There aren’t nearly enough women in the 9/11 Truth community, and certainly not very many knowledgeable ones. Throughout the next several months, the whistleblower mask began to fall off and she began displaying many character traits that are undesirable to TFR as a talk radio network based on a “NO HATE, HYPE OR FEAR” mentality.

However, what we thought was mere bigotry slowly transformed into someone who was playing a role as a con woman. We were lucky that she left the network on her own, as Chris and I struggled with the issues that she was causing with her rants against our LGBT listeners and were more than happy to see the “trash take itself out”, as I put it when I first read her resignation email to Chris ; However, she began slandering us and other alternative media personalities such as Pete Santilli as her alternate persona as “Monika Gainor” came to light more and more.

Realizing that this person was a fraud, other researchers such as former U.S. Attorney Kurt Haskell and journalist Jim Fetzer started doing independent research on this Rebekah Roth/Monika Gainor personality. What they found was shocking, and revealed more than a simple multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. In fact, it could even go as deep as the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

The “9/11 Truth Movement” has always been under attack by the mainstream media, as well as the politicians who executed the attacks of September 11th themselves. However, the documents and information about that day do not lie. So, instead of attacking the messenger with Ad hominem yelps of “u r stoopid” and “your a idiot”, which people have learned (rightly) to ignore, they sent one of their own actors onto the scene with a bad pair of glasses and an even-worse wig to bring information stolen from David Cole into the “Truth community”, make themselves known enough to pass as one of their own by acquiring a radio program on a well-known alternative media outlet such as Truth Frequency Radio, and then purposefully discredit and degrade themselves and thus, all of the 9/11 information they wrote in their admittedly “fictional” book.

Thanks to all of the researchers, including Max Igan, Jim Fetzer, Kurt Haskell, and others who all banded together with us to expose this for what it truly is, our listeners can know that when they tune into Truth Frequency Radio, they know that they’re talking to REAL people, doing REAL radio.

The Truth is winning. We are winning. We are the Truth Frequency Radio. Your Protection From Deception.

Rebekah Roth’s Methodical Deceit – A Real Investigation By Kurt Haskell

Published on Dec 23, 2015

Pete Santilli interviews researcher Kurt Haskell, host of “Real Investigations” – In this segment Kurt Haskell methodically exposes the mystery of just who exactly Rebekah Roth is and more importantly who Rebekah Roth is not.

This is a fascinating tale about a woman who took alternative media by storm with what she claimed was insider information on the event of 911 which she says she uncovered during her research for her novel of fiction.

Rebekah Roth claims to have been a flight attendant who gives away airline secrets that make the official 911 story an impossible truth. Kurt Haskell says she is hiding something.

Link to Kurt Haskell’s Article:…

Kurt Haskell’s broadcast “Real Investigations” can be found @

Listen to Off The Hook In The Morning With Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan 11:00 AM Eastern – 8:00 AM Eastern M-F on


Streamed live on Dec 24, 2015

Bombshell-Rebekah Roth exposed,Sandy Hook, Pete Santilli, Schuyler Barbeau

Streamed live on Dec 23, 2015


Streamed live on Dec 26, 2015



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Heres the link to the FULL 75+ minute SGT Report interview:

METHODICAL DECEPTION: Neocons, Mossad & Premeditated Murder — Rebekah Roth

Published on Nov 2, 2015

This is my second interview with Rebekah Roth, former flight attendant turned researcher, truth teller and author.

In this interview Rebekah and I discuss some extremely disturbing new evidence that speaks directly to the Israeli art students and their premeditation and intent to murder the occupants in the world trade centers.

Every single American citizen should know the truth about what happened on 9/11 and the months leading up to it – and who the REAL culprits were.

‘Methodical Deception’ is the follow up to Rebekah’s very popular first book ‘Methodical Illusion’. Both books are available at

Rebekah Roth 9/11 Methodical Illusion Methodical Deception Special

Published on Sep 17, 2015

Rebekah Roth author of Methodical Illusion & Methodical Deception sits down for a pre-recorded special Ochelli Effect and discusses the events surrounding September 11 2001 , 14 years after the events that shape todays War on Terror.

The Let’s Roll mythology , Who were the real terrorists that day , and even the weapons used are discussed in this unique two hour interview.

9/11 – WHO DID IT and HOW : Rebekah Roth talks to Bill Ryan.

Published on Sep 13, 2015

REBEKAH ROTH is the author of two books: METHODICAL ILLUSION, her first, and a sequel just out, called METHODICAL DECEPTION. And she’s already working on a third.

In my very strong personal opinion, she has the story pretty much exactly right, in a LOT of detail. After all these years, we all need to be listening carefully.

Rebekah was a flight attendant — a highly experienced one — of many years standing. And flight attendants know EXACTLY what could and couldn’t happen on a plane, especially in an emergency.

It’s like we were all waiting all this time, but never knew it, for a very experienced flight attendant to come along and lay it all out for us.

Some of the flight attendants who made the famous cellphone calls on 9/11 — which could of course only have been made from the ground — may very well have left clues in their messages which only another flight attendant would be able to decipher. Whether or not this was intentional on their part, this is just what Rebekah has done.

So in this interview, we hear how the planes were taken over by an installed Flight Termination System, which remotely controls the aircraft, and there’s nothing the pilots can do. In fact, they can’t even communicate, not even with the cabin crew on the other side of the cockpit door. This renders all the pilots quite impotent.

And what did happen that day was that the four planes were remotely flown to Westover Air Base, just 20 minutes away, which has a 10,000′ runway, needed for planes with a heavyload of fuel…. and hangars large enough for C-5 transport planes, far larger than any 757 or 767. In the interview, Rebekah even reads us an affidavit from a local resident, who contacted her after her first book was published, who SAW a United Airlines 757 flying into Westover that morning, so low that she thought it might crash.

Soon after they landed, the planes were hidden in the hangars, the passengers may have been told this was all a drill, a couple of people were picked off each plane, taken to upstairs offices, and they were told what to say on their cellphones. One flight attendant, CeeCee Lyles, can even be heard being told “You did great” at the end of her call.

Basically, it was all scripted. But some of the callers seemed to get their stories confused with one another… almost as if they didn’t really know for sure what plane they were meant to be on, as far as the theater goes. The ugly part of this is that soon after this happened, the passengers would all have been murdered.

There’s even more to this, of course, because the evidence leads us to many places. But that’s the core of Rebekah’s first book, METHODICAL ILLUSION, where all this is laid out in a detail-packed, easy to read novel. Her new book, METHODICAL DECEPTION, goes into the tangled, interconnected labyrinth of who did all this, why, and how. And, it has to be said right up front, that following the evidence faithfully, as Sherlock Holmes would have done, all roads lead to Mossad, and PNAC, the Project for a New American Century.

Some of you may already know much of this. But Rebekah is a fluid, lively and entertaining presenter, and I hope you may enjoy this as much as I did. If you’re keen to know where this may all be going, then jump to nearer the end of the interview where Rebekah shares her concerns about the role of Artificial Intelligence, and the threat of another, much more traumatic false flag event, possibly a nuclear one, in which there may be not nearly so many mistakes made in its execution, and which may be far more destructive and game-changing.

As she says, and I agree, as will many of you — whether this happens or not (or the outcome of such an event, if it does), depends on you, and me, and the number of people who are awake and aware to what is really going on.

Do enjoy this conversation.

To download this interview as an MP3:…

To contact Rebekah:


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Thank you! Bill Ryan, Founder September 2015

The Most Explosive 9-11 Facts Revealed In 14 Years – Rebekah Roth On The Pete Santilli Show

Published on Sep 16, 2015

Listen to the full episode here:

Rebekah Roth joins Pete to talk about what she knows concerning the 911 attacks and to shed light on information she recently received concerning a 911 type bio/nuke attack she has been told is imminent.

About Rebekah Roth – Rebekah enjoyed a nearly thirty year airline career working as both a flight attendant and an international purser. She is also a trained emergency medical technician and served as a volunteer firefighter.

Her expertise and training as a flight attendant allowed me to research the events of September 11, 2001, with an insider’s knowledge that eventually lead her to discover details and answers to some of the most haunting questions surrounding that infamous day in our history.

She enjoyed a very exciting life both in the air and on the ground and because of that, was encouraged by co-workers to write a book. As she began to do that, she discovered that ten of the accused 9/11 hijackers were still alive. Several of them were also airline employees employed with Saudi Arabia Airlines and that they had had their identifications stolen years prior to 9/11. At least four of the accused hijackers threatened to sue the U.S. Government and the FBI if they did not stop using their names and identities. That discovery, along with the refusal by the U.S. government to discontinue their false accusations; ignited Rebekah’s curiosity.

After thousands hours of research, using official government documents, print and video media from 9/11, and several books; Rebekah’s discovered that there were also at least two women involved in the 9/11 event. Using her personal knowledge of in-flight procedures, FAA hijacking protocols, the state of Massachusetts and cell phone technology, she then discovered yet to be exposed details concerning the planes, the passengers and the perpetrators which are woven into Methodical Illusion.

Less than ten months following the release of her first book Rebekah released Methodical Deception. This book is a continuation of the first as it is written again as a novel. More new and mind blowing information is released in this book including some eye witness accounts and the use of government documents from the DEA, FBI, FAA, NORAD, and the US Air Force to name a few.

One thought on “THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad”

  1. Hmmm

    For the record: to date none of her specific claims of israeli involvement in 9-11 have been refuted or impeached. Clearly, given the unusual number of dead people who were either eye witnesses to inconvenient truths, or privy to knowledge of such truths regarding 9-11 and Israel’s involvement, it is hardly surprising that she has gone to great length to hide her identity. That in of itself is not an indictment of the material. On the contrary, in the publishing industry in particular such actions are common practice and have been for decades. As for the minor mistakes in the narrative, that too is unremarkable. Neither of which is grounds to dismiss the evidence she has presented, despite the obvious attempts to do preciously that.

    Employing Ad Hominen attacks that attempt to refocus the reader’s attention on the individual, rather than the facts at hand, is quite literally standard operating procedure for Israel and its supporters. This whole thing smells of a garden variety counter intelligence op to me.

    The bottom line here is that Israel was responsible for 9-11 and this women’s expose coupled with the dancing Israelis in the Park offer irrefutable evidence leaving no doubt of Israel’s guilt.


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