Report on Richard Gage tour session in Halifax Nova Scotia

Report on Richard Gage tour session in Halifax Nova Scotia

Go to this link to get the reports from each stop in the Canadian Tour

Halifax – April 5 – Olympic Community Center

Gage arrived in Halifax by train, through the beautiful countryside of Nova Scotia. As he was rushed by Cal, a very dedicated activist and professional driver, from the train station to the event at the  Olympic Center, a place of Islamic worship in the community, he was hastily interviewed by Rick Howe on 95.7 FM News Radio, who wanted to know why this former Republican suit-and-tie-donning architect was shaking up the system.

Several participants noted that Gage held the audience in rapt attention for over two hours. According to organizer Claude Fortin, “Gage respectfully acknowledged the followers of Islam in the audience who quietly exited for evening prayer and returned shortly thereafter. As an experienced architect trained in scientific principles, his evidence and arguments rest solidly on the foundations of science.  Throughout the presentation, he carried himself with a profound sense of purpose.”

Gage fielded questions for about an hour clarifying points raised earlier on, discussing alternative theories and counter-arguments, and shed more light on the complex web of the 9/11 events. Members of the audience came forward to express their appreciation and respect for the work, and they offered him encouragement in his continued pursuit of truth.  The presentation concluded, as all of them do, with a personal thought from the small team of volunteers that helped put together the Halifax event – how they originally became involved with 9/11, why they are active, what they are doing now about it, and what they hope for from the audience. Afterward Gage did one more radio interview with journalist Lamont N from CKDU 88.1 FM, who will be preparing a special report on AE911Truth and the many questions raised that have yet to be answered.

Most of the Halifax 9/11 truth group had not known each other prior to this event.  AE911Truth’s presence in the community often galvanizes activists to get organized and take actions together, and this visit was no exception.  People who want to make a difference usually form AE911Truth Action Groups and perform actions that educate the public, architects, engineers, and elected representatives and motivate them to action as well.

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