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9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)

Published on Dec 27, 2012

Shocking Video: One Hour Before 911

A fleet of black SUVs with sirens and lights were seen heading towards Manhattan one hour before the first WTC tower was hit.

Published on Sep 18, 2013

Predicting 911 at Hoover Dam – Flash overview

Published on Jan 12, 2014

Hoover Dam is earmarked for destruction in seven years with a prediction of two dates. One is May 6, 2020 and the other September 11, 2021. This trailer is a brief montage of almost two years of research into both my and Jonathan Kleck’s separate, but profound insight into evidence that points an incriminating finger at the global Elitists who perpetrated the same design for the World Trade Center North and South Towers.

WTC Complex Was Empty on 911

Uploaded on Nov 6, 2010

William Rodriguez was a guest on the ‘Power Hour'(Sept 20th 2010), with Captain Joyce Riley, giving his story when I called in with a question that made the Captain uncomfortable enough to mute my audio….

45,000 desks,45,000 chairs,245 Acres of Carpeting ,40,000 File Cabinets,40,000 Cubicles,75,000 Telephones,50,000 Staplers,20,000 miles of wiring,300 Mainframe computers,45,000 Computer monitors,45,000 Keyboards,45,000 mice/computer aid,650 Fire Extinguishers,3000 Copy Machines, 2000 Water Coolers, 3000 Printers, 20,000 doors, 40,000 door knobs, 450 Refrigerators, 5000 Snack and Soda vending machines, 3000 Wallets & purses,3000 Employee ID cards (Required after 1993 bombing),3000 Employee personal cell phones…..VAPORIZED!?!?!?!

Lets Roll Forums:

Source of the WTC image:

‘DIVIDED WE STAND’ by Eric Darton (1999)

An interview of Eric Darton on Business Week:

Eric Darton published in 1999 the most comprehensive ‘biography’ of the WTC twin towers. Please note that Darton is certainly no ‘conspiracy theorist’ – as his book only traces the towers’ history from their birth up to 1999. However, it turns out to provide invaluable clues as to how the towers’ tenants might have been ‘controlled’ – so to speak – after the first 1993 “Al-Qaeda” bombing. ‘Divided We Stand’ is also a treasure trove for anyone interested in the wheelings and dealings that – historically – have characterized these most cumbersome, asbestos-laced and strongly disliked buildings.

I have synthesized the most interesting facts listed in the book; here they are – followed by selected extracts of “Divided We Stand”:

“In 1985, when New York State moved most of its offices out, Dean Witter consolidated its operations in twenty-four floors of Tower 2 under a twenty-year lease.

Visiting the brokerage and investment firm’s offices and cafeterias, one invariably found them spotlessly maintained. But on adjacent floors, particularly those with multiple tenants, the paint was dingy, the carpets were stained, fixtures remained broken, and burned-out fluorescent lights went unreplaced, as did discolored ceiling tiles. And the listing of a company on the directory did not reliably indicate that a company was still there.”

2- FOLLOWING THE 1993 BOMBING, 50,000 workers were displaced and 350 tenants were RELOCATED OUTSIDE THE WTC.
“The February 1993 blast in the basement of the World Trade Center killed 6 people, injured 1,000 others, displaced 50,000 workers, and threw 900 Vista Hotel and Windows on the World employees out of work, but it also provided a modest boost for the regional economy.

This, at any rate, was the conclusion the Port Authority came to in an April 1993 report released six weeks after the bombing. (…) For the agency, this silver lining was due in part to the ease with which the 350 bombed-out trade center tenants could be moved into abundant vacant office space nearby.”

“The Port Authority closed out the 1990s with a stream of press releases announcing the rental of unimaginably huge quantities of trade center office space to “cutting-edge” firms like Sun Microsystems.

Yet around the complex a million square feet stood empty, and the buildings originally intended as great catalyzing chambers of world trade were, by degrees, transforming into a kind of disjunctive real estate layer-cake.

One story above the carpeted, wood-paneled offices of a Japanese securities firm, a group of artists filled bare walls with boldly colored images and hung sculptures from the exposed ceiling girders of a vast echoing cavern.

As part of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program that turned some of the vacant space in the towers over to artists rent-free, 40,000 square feet of concrete floor lay paint-spattered and strewn with the raw materials of a creative urge that has never been easily reconciled with the imperatives of a bottom line. ”

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