Building 6

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Surreal Pictures Inside WTC 6 Destroys 9/11 Cover Story For Ever !

Ask yourself what and how this piece of steel twisted like this, yet it is still standing?


Published on Sep 28, 2013

Building 6 was a 1/2 million sq ft building with its core missing on september 11th 2001 , the interior of the building is missing , it was not crushed or on fire ,no nano thermite , no mini nukes , or explosions the walls are intact the basement is intact the only thing that stands out is cardboard and wires have little to no damage .

I also cover missing plane flight 93 in Shanksville a borough in Somerset County, Pennsylvania , and the missing plane flight 77 at the pentagon .and what Dustification of the world trade center means in layman’s terms 11 container ships of building material not counting all the office furniture , computers , desk , doors , filing cabinets etc etc turned to dust in 11 seconds like magic or science .

You will not hear Richard Gage A&E911 truth architect and engineers talk about this , you will not hear Dr Steve Jones talking about building 6 . You will not hear scholars for 911 truth talking about world trade center 6 in media , you will not hear the crazys at veterans today explaining world trade center six , nor main stream media mention WTC 6 . I,v never heard alternative media like David Icke , Jeff Rense , red ice creations , Alex Jones, infowars , prison planet , drudge report or any media anywhere talking about this or showing it , maybe they don,t realize but they will have to at some point .

The only people asking questions and promoting these facts is Dr Judy Wood . Everyone else is hanging on to and promoting nano thermite and they refuse to consider another narrative , building six is something they never had to consider until now .

It should be interesting as this video finds its way out to them and they have to reconsider something else turned the towers and world trade center complex into dust is something that should be considered a priority now . Going where the evidence leads , is the easiest and ethical path to take .


9/11 A single Photo of World Trade Center Building 6 missing


Uploaded on Mar 8, 2011

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The Smoking Gun from WTC 6


Uploaded on Aug 30, 2011

World Trade Center Recovery Operation on Staten Island 

Fresh Kills, the world’s largest waste disposal structure was officially closed to New York’s garbage in March of 2001. Crews continued to work building roads, grading banks, planting pipes for the release of gas, capping 180-foot mounds and seeding them with grass.

Dennis Diggins, Director of the Landfill said that “it was about two o’clock in the morning on September 12th that they decided that Fresh Kills was going to be the destination for material coming from Ground Zero for a search.” The Fresh Kills Landfill became the world’s largest open-air crime lab. Over 1000 people from federal, state and city agencies worked under windy, dusty, cold or hot conditions to search for evidence, personal effects and human remains. Everyone was hoping to find something that would bring closure to a grieving family.

According to Ray Ragusa, a heavy equipment operator, “this was like a miracle… the terrorists never knew that we would be ready for this. I mean, nobody in the world could have known that the landfill would close and it would get ready for this World Trade Center.”

“Cars are like sponges” — Gerry Fornino

Vehicle areaOver 1300 cars were transported to Fresh Kills because it is standard practice to investigate cars that were in the vicinity of a blast. Gerry Fornino, a bomb technician for the FBI, said, “we know from experience that these cars become sponges, and that they absorb tremendous amounts of evidence.” The cars absorbed parts of airplanes and many other types of debris. Since there was not much question as to the cause of the disaster, the investigation became a humanitarian effort to recover personal effects and human remains.


WTC 9/11 building 6 pull it

Published on Apr 11, 2012

WTC6 was pulled down with cables. They shake the building to induce failures until the whole structure fails. This was carried out during the clean up operation. Larry Silverstein (World trade center lease holder) said wtc7 was pulled also.

intro to Live Q & A Tonight on WTC 6

Published on Oct 8, 2013

October 8th 2013 8 o’clock Pacific time , this show will only cover World Trade Center 6 also known as building 6 . It was part of the world trade center on september 11th 2001 . 
If you have links and info or questions leave them below if you can,t make the show and i,ll start off with them .

Why didn’t WTC 5 collapse, or WTC 6 for that matter

Uploaded on Jan 4, 2011

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