Life under communism

Life under communism


When I was young I remember teachers at school warning our classes

that there was an agenda at work to bring communism to my country.

I was young and had no idea what that meant.

But I stayed very observant to the changes happening in my free country.

Every day it became clearer that, yes this communism really was taking

over my country.

So then I studied to understand what democracy and a free and open

society meant and how it was supposed to function.

By doing this I was able to more clearly understand and see the

communist changes happening in my once free country.

So then I changed by approach at trying to learn about communism.

I lived in Toronto in the 1970’s and Toronto being a multicultural

melting pot of immigrants from all over the world who were

escaping communism.

I began to ask immigrants many many questions about the life

they lived under communism.

Later as the Internet came into existence,

I had a good idea as to what I was looking for and at.

I soon discovered the first thing about communism,

that being that nothing was ever permitted to be spoken,

written or shared about communism’s true evil oppressive red colors.

The color of blood due to all the deaths that were done to permit

communism in to free societies.

Information about what goes on under communism is very hard to

get because, if anyone was ever brave enough to try and speak the

truth of the evils of communism ,they were always taken away

and disappeared for ever.

Friends, family and anyone in their neighborhood soon learned

that they were never to speak of those who were taken away,

for if they did, they too would be taken away.

Life under communism means one thing for sure.

A life of constant communist propaganda and brainwashing.

A life where there is NO human rights of any kind.

A life where you are not even told what the penalties against you

would be if you made a mistake of getting the attention of

communist monitors, which were everywhere around you,

everyday of your life.

Under communism you get no warnings.

Under communism there is only one way to have a chance to survive.

That is to never ever question anything and to just go along with

everything the communist states tells you and teaches.

You are also most definitely not permitted to speak of the wrongs

your communist state does.

Such as factories where people are forced to live in the factories

prison dorms.

Factories where they have to put up nets all around the factory

because of all the slaves trying to just to their deaths.

Under communism you are made to work for up to eighteen hours

a day, everyday until you become too weak and sick to continue.

Where you then will not receive any medical aid because under

communism you have no rights or any health care.

You get sick and you can not work means that you will just die.

If not from your sickness, most definitely because you get no income

while sick such as socially insurance or welfare.

Under communism there are no elders to teach and pass the their

wisdom to the younger ones.

For under communism there is no such thing as a pension.

In communist countries there are almost no elderly peoples,

for when the communist state can not use you for anything they

can to get worth from you. They deem you worthless.

They then just eliminate you.

Your life under communism is completely disposable.

Thanks to the Internet, information about what goes on in China

and any other number of oppressive states is trickling out.

But even though the information as to what is happening in the world,

such as this article I am writing now is still available.

It is still not known by the masses of peoples who are now loosing all

their rights and freedoms.

Communism and corporatism are very much the same thing.

So now today their is very little remaining of real democracy.

I observed this happening because of all the very effective social

engineering, brainwashing being done on our once healthy minded society.

When our society was healthy, everyone always sought truth and did

everything they could to keep their society honest and truthful.

For truth is a way of thinking.

A healthy mind always seeks and speak truth, for truth is absolute

and the further you go from truth the sooner you arrive at the absolute

opposite of truth, and that being insanity.

So today our society is very sick indeed.

It has become so, due to the communist way of never feeding people

food for thought that grew from the seeds of truth.

That is why today in my now pretend to be democracy,

no individuals in my society ever, ever get involved in the true function

of democracy.

For a democracy and free society can not and will not exist if each and

every individual in that society does not do their civic duty of

contributing to the good of their society.

No one today ever speaks of what their governments do wrong.

No one today ever phones their representative, goes to political

hearings or anything else that means democracy.

The society of today has been made very sick and mentally weak.

For insanity that now has taken over our society is destroying everything.

You people who think you are good have been doing no good and have

let the no good ones take over your society.

Now you will know what having no human rights and disappearing means.

Because your democracy is just about completely disappeared.

You still have a small little flame of the light of truth remaining.

You need to start that fire under everyone asses that are bare and exposed.

That is very easy to do because they all have their heads buried down in

the shit they are standing on.

For the ground you are standing on is truly turning to shit because

you have not been sowing and seeds of truth for the healthy tree of life to grow.

It is time to clean up the mess you have let happen.

It is time to restore the sanity of democracy and freedom.

That can only happen if you start to get involved in the world wide

awakening in the World wide truth revolution.

For only truth will set you free of the Rothchild banksters communism.

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth, then you will be

doomed due to you permitting the inhumanity of communism into your life.

Life under communism.

Written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier.

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