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Published on Aug 27, 2013

Links are blow. Please, download this book on nuclear demolition of the WTC and re-distribute it as widely as possible:…

Please, download also this archive with the biggest collection of genuine “ground zero” definitions from hundreds of pre-9/11 dictionaries:…
Feel free to share this with other people too!
I urge you to create alternative download links for both of these files and share them via torrents! Please, be in a hurry, these links may not last!

A new book on 9/11 is out, by Dimitri Khalezov

Dimitri Khalezov has spent 10 years researching and writing a book on what happened during 9/11. The book is now available on the internet.
Instructions for downloading his book:

In a 2010 interview, Dimitri Khalezov explained that anyone who wants to build a skyscraper in NYC must submit a satisfactory demolition plan to the

building authorities before the project is approved. On 9/11, the demolition plan of the World Trade Center (‘WTC’) was activated to destroy the complex.

He knew of this demolition plan from his job in the Soviet Union. He had worked in the nuclear intelligence unit and under

an agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, each country was obliged to inform the other of peaceful uses of nuclear explosions.

The WTC was constructed with built-in explosive charges for its eventual demolition –

3 thermo-nuclear devices were placed within the foundations of the complex for this purpose.

More info on the author:
The links for the 2010 interview are at the end of the webpage.
In # 4, Khalezov talks of the demolition plan of the WTC.
In # 14, he explains what happened to Building 7 (which fell down nearly half an hour AFTER the BBC reporter announced its collapse).

Khalezov was recently interviewed on the Mike Harris show on 4th September 2013:


this is a temporary web page)
URGENT address of Dimitri Khalezov 

Dimitri Khalezov urgent address November 12 2012

The former “urgent address” listed further below is less urgent now, because there is MORE URGENT one:

THE FULL EDITION OF MY BOOK on 9/11thology called “The Third Truth about 9/11” is READY NOW!

Nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center explained there in more detail than it used to be, with a lot of newly discovered evidence added.

Other 9/11 aspects such as the Pentagon missile attack, shooting down of Flight 93, Anthrax letters, mini-nukes’ “car”-bombings,

as well as the 9/11 cover-up, shilling, and falsifying English dictionaries are addressed too.

This time I made it into a real encyclopedia of 9/11 and that of nuclear terrorism in general.If you wish to see some readers opinions, click here.



HERE ARE DOWNLOAD LINKS (you are encouraged to create some alternative ones, as well as to share this file via torrents):

All files in the abovementioned archive are PGP-signed. If you need my PGP key for the signature’s verification, here is it:\PGP_key_Dimitri_Khalezov_used_to_sign_books.asc

of genuine definitions of “ground zero” in tons of pre-9/11 English dictionaries:


My former urgent address is available on YouTube:    

I would like to apologize for my disappearance from public view, but now I am back. Thanks to God, I am still alive. Unlike my friend Mr. Vadim Alexandrovski

who helped me to compile my 9/11 research and who was recently murdered in Bangkok –

apparently for his help in obtaining the confirmation about the “Granit” missile that hit the Pentagon.

However, I urgently need your help. It seems I am in trouble now.

Please, download, keep secure and redistribute as widely as possible these four encrypted zip-archives:

  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_1_[checksums_&_info].txt
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_2_[checksums_&_info].txt
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_3_[checksums_&_info].txt
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_4_[checksums_&_info].txt
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_PGP_key_for-verification.asc
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_READ-ME!.rtf
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_READ-ME!_Chinese_Simplified.rtf
  • dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_READ-ME!_Chinese_Traditional.rtf
  • These encrypted files contain highly sensitive information that is extremely
  • damaging to the security of the Kingdom of Thailand where I currently live.
  • This information is securely encrypted (there is no way to break the cipher or to guess out passwords to it) but if anything wrong happens with me –
  • such if I am arrested by the Thai police, or deported, or extradited, or killed, or disappear, my friends will publish passwords in retaliation.
  • By downloading, keeping and redistributing these zip-archives you help me to stay alive and at freedom.
  • Thank you.Alternatively, the same four zip-archives could be found on web site. Note, however,
  • that at least German police known to block access to my web sites
  • (police of some other slave-owning states might follow suit).
  • In this case use some proxi-services to access my web sites.Please, use checksums (and if you can –
  • also PGP signature verification) to verify the intergrity of the downloaded zip-files and also in order to prevent this files being hacked and replaced with some fake ones.I need to ask you for your help once more: PLEASE, DONATE!I need your financial support. I have no money and I urgently need some to settle my problems as well as to continue with my work
  • (in fact, I could only exist on your donations, because I do not earn anything for the last 9 years at least –
  • all my time I spend either on fighting police and secret services, or for compiling 9/11 evidence). Your kind donations therefore will be highly appreciated.On this page you can find my banking deails and other ways to donate me:  donations detailsAnd yet, I need some other kind of help from you: PLEASE, HELP ME TO FIND THESE DICTIONARIES!
  •  (you can see details of what I am looking for on my videos on YouTube – split into two parts):
  • My current contact details could be found on this page: 
  • Thank you for your kind help and support.This web site and forum on it will be restored soon and the full final version of my book will be published very soon either.
  • For the mean time you can find all my files uploaded for public use on this web site:
  • (note that police from your country might block direct access to this web site and in this case,
  • please, use some proxy-service such as the well-known Tor or this less-known, but very nice service: 
  •  to access it).
  • =======================IMPOSTORS ALERT !
  • Beware of impostors!A person, who introduces himself as me on  is an IMPOSTOR !You have been warned.In order to prevent hijacking of my identity by shills and ill-wishers I was obliged to show my genuine contact details on this video on YouTube:
  • ========================Sincerely yours, Dimitri Khalezov.
  • Here is one of the first comments on the final edition of my book on 9/11thology:My opinion on ‘The Third Truth about 9/11’.I was given the opportunity to read a ‘pre-release’ version of Dimitri’s book, titled ‘The Third Truth about 9/11’ about a week prior to the final edition.
  • It came to me through personal mutual acquaintance. I have yet to meet Dimitri and I have no financial interest in his product.
  • This is pretty obvious as he is giving his life’s work away for free.During the week that I read the book, at a rate of about 200 pages a day, I alternately cursed him and held him in high esteem.
  • The cursing was all about my lost time for other activities. I had a real challenge putting it down and had other obligations that needed to be met.
  • Now a little about the admiration.I am considerably older than Dimitri and have a wealth of life-experience that spans the globe. I also have a well-honed bull-shit detector.
  • Here is what I didn’t like about his writings.Dimitri professes to be a Christian and I’m not big on any organized religion. In my opinion it’s just another box that one locks one’s world view,
  • primarily in an effort to explain the obviously un-explainable.
  • It may be a higher box in some regards, but it’s a box. Freedom doesn’t have boxes. However, that’s just my opinion,
  • and Lord knows I may be quite wrong. Having said that,
  • I don’t think his religion has effected his analytic skills and his encyclopedic mind. Maybe it’s even contributed to it.At the end of each day of reading, after I got over my frustration of not make money on other projects,
  • I was in total awe at his logic, his knowledge base, his un-hysterical approach and his wealth of supporting evidence.
  • His is not a story of another story, it’s a story of ‘been there and done that’. I live in S.E. Asia, as does Dimitri,
  • and am familiar with a number of locations he talks about. He’s the real thing and his writing is doubly commendable as he is a Russian and not a native English speaker.I’ve read many Ph.D. theses as editing is what I do for a living. His book is deeper and more authoritative than most of the papers I have edited for Ph.D. candidates.
  • I know he received an education whilst in the Russian army, but his analysis indicates to me he is highly self-educated and skeptical in the best sense of the word.
  • I would attribute his hard nose realism to Russian military training.I’m not going to tell you ‘The butler did it‘, and Dimitri won’t tell you that either,
  • but he will take you down a profound and complex rabbit hole in a very understandable and readable manner. He respects his readers intelligence enough to
  • let them draw their own conclusions.Dimitri makes other ‘9/11 knowledgeable’ people look like useful idiots, sometime called ‘kites’ by the intelligence community.
  • If you have an open mind, Dimitri will open it further, perhaps more that you could imagine. Be prepared to have your kite string cut.Damn good work Dimitri and I look forward to meeting you some day. Via con Dios.My name is Ken and I can be reached at

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