An Urgent Message to All Canadians

Canadian Truther 100px textSupport your local 9/11 Truth group. If you do not have one, start one.

Uploaded by Steeper33 on Jun 28, 2009

Canada 9/11 Truth
Canadians Demand 9/11 Truth

Kitchener 9/11 Truth
Montreal 9/11 Truth
Ottawa 9/11 Truth
Truth Action Ottawa
Vancouver 9/11 Truth
Calgary 9/11 Truth
Toronto Truth Seekers
Toronto 9/11 Truth
Edmonton 9/11 Truth
Sarnia 9/11 Truth
Brampton 9/11 Truth
Red Deer 9/11 Truth
Victoria 9/11 Truth
Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth
Yukon 9/11 Truth
Kootenay 9/11 Truth
Saskatoon 9/11 Truth
WeAreChange Ottawa
WeAreChange Vancouver
WeAreChange Winnipeg

Music – A Perfect Circle – A Stranger

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