9-11 was an inside out Zionist Bankster Job

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9-11 Was done from the inside out.. It was an inside out Zionist Bankster Job..


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Nancy Godinho It was a nephalim job.

Daniel J Towsey It was done from the inside and the outside

Nancy Godinho We got it in the rear too!

Nancy Godinho Zionists IMHO are the devil, so yeah, we mean
the same thing.

Jayne Cooper Williams Why is it so hard to wake people up?
Why is it whem the truth is right in front of their face they refuse to see it? Why do people look the other way even when they know that not only is it wrong, but sooner or later it will effect them?

Have we become so full of self that it only matters when it hits us personally and even then we excuse it away.

What in the hell happened to us? Our fathers and mothers and theirs before them gave everything so we can have a better life.

Why are we not concerned with the future of our children? Why are we standing by and allowing these

EVIL elite to take away everything that past generations after generations had given so very very much to put forth so we can have a better life.


Stop drinking the sodium flouride and wake up for GOD SAKE! They are doing it right in front of your face!………………

Jayne Cooper Williams IT IS ALL A INSIDE JOB!

Jayne Cooper Williams Daniel, do you ever feel like you are
trying to scream and you have no mouth?

Jayne Cooper Williams


Nancy Godinho Jane and friends, please excuse my bluntness,
but it’s all a blowjob IMHO and Ron Paul’s role in the game of good-cop/bad-cop was the good cop, but he is still part of the problem no less.

I have a friend who lives in Galveston and that had contact with him because Paul is his congressman and Paul’s “assistance” in the matter put his ethics to the test and he failed miserably siding with the establishment.

We have to realize in their scheming they were not inbred to the point they are now and at one time actually had a well laid out plan and that our lives were running smoothly enough to snooze for a good deal of the last century.

Then there’s is the hoodwinking.

Paul was in politics since 1976 and they’d lock him out of more than just political debates if he were the man some people seem to think he is.

Consider Paul would have been a piece of cake after taking out JFK and many, many, many others.
Jayne Cooper Williams Nancy, first of all it is Jayne not Jane!

Iwas in politics for many years. I fully understand what they do and can not do.

They “broke my back” trying to stop me! I too am still here! I know congressman Ron Paul. I worked on the board of govenors through California back in the 1990’s and understand just what he was against more than all of you put together.

I was aware of the UN agenda 21 back in the early 90’s when it was first put to the test in Santa Cruz, Ca. You believe in what you wish about him.

I have seen first hand his work and it is not a good cop bad cop game and this is come from the mouth of a daughter of 4 generations of cops.

One of which died trying to stop all this bullshit in 1977.

My father! The reason I have been fighting it for 35 years! They did stop Ron Paul.

They just did not use a bullet to his brain like they did JFK to do it!

They did not have too.

Too many damn sheep drinking the poison Hitler use on the jews and it is working!!!!


But, no one man can stop the evil as long as everyone else keeps their heads in a hole!

Nancy Godinho I respect your POV Jayne and you may be correct.

I am very, very guarded about who I trust as I buried my brother 21 years ago this month as he was murdered as a US diplomat working for the State Dept.

I know I am not 100% correct with all I see, but I know I have a solid foundation to the Truth and try and qualify my knowledge every day going forward.

Hopefully the whole Truth will emerge some day soon and we will all know. And I believe in Divine Source.

I see that angels and demons have been misrepresented to us here in this realm when they are really positive and negative intentioned extra-terrestrial’s.

What I refer to as aliens are the genetically engineered beings of the evil ruling cabal and I see the ruling cabal to be the nephalim described in Scripture.

Nancy Godinho Maybe I should elaborate on my concerns about
where Ron Paul comes from. First I apologize for being so definitive in my suspicions.

He may have bent, but in reality may not be broken.

My friend in Galveston was billed a pretty good sum by the IRS and they would not accept his documentation that he did not owe them the money they claimed, so he went to his congressman and Paul was going to help him in rectifying the issue he was told.

He agreed my friend did not owe the money. One day my friend showed up at Paul’s office and was given a message by Paul’s staff that he had to pay the money and fines or face jail time and that Paul’s office could not help him.

Today my friend in Galveston is barely surviving and barely able to feed himself.

This scenario does not confirm Ron Paul as part of the problem, but does lend suspicion in my eyes, but again, it does not confirm that my suspicions are correct.

Time will tell.

CIA Insider Tells 911 truth.

Time to re-examine your World-view, America!


Published on Mar 28, 2012 by WelcomeBackHome

The evidence has grown. It would be impossible for “stock” Boeing 767s, to be flown by guys that could barely fly a Cessna 172. The Boeing 767 would come apart at 560 MPH at sea level. Professional 767 Pilots can not replicate the flights into the Towers, let alone the Pentagon, in 757-767 flight simulators (after many attempts).

Considering the catastrophic incidents of September 11 2001 , certain troubling but irrefutable conclusions must be drawn from the known facts, and I get no personal pleasure or satisfaction from reporting my assessment of these facts.

THANK YOU! TO ALL OF YOU, for taking the time-out to comment, and subscribe. It makes a world of difference to become informed, and to share ideas. Together, we can make this a better place, for the children of the world.

Please Watch “Psychologists help explain trauma of worldview change/shock. Learn how to cope” video on this channel. Thanks to Xendrius for the excellent production. Copyright 2012 (Used with permission) (watch?v=i6eMq5Rit1w&feature=relmfu)

The MSM has been providing us with a false Nine 0ne 0ne NARRATIVE.

Let’s take the “myth” of 911 that has been made so public (notice how they cut way back on this years anniversary? It not useful for them anymore) Get informed for the greater good. The world banking elite, who control the military-industrial complex, used 911 to revoke our rights under the Constitution. They have built a machine, and turned it on us. To enslave us. The facts of the official government conspiracy theory are overwhelming. We are the last generations who can save it for our kids.

Truth will lead to healing, but we’ve got to start dealing.

The official explanation from The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on how WTC 7 fell states that fires alone brought down this building. Now, in science, all explanations must be backed up with valid scientific observations. These observations can be readily observable facts or the results of verified and replicated experiments. If there are no supporting observations for an explanation, that explanation is based purely on faith, not science. Attempting to portray such pseudo-science as science is fraud.

New! Clear, quiet nanothermite does it’s job on WTC 7!:


For the “no explosions” crowd, I call b.s. on YOU:


New! PBS Colorado12, #1 Video online: 9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out:



PLEASE WATCH!! F.O.I.A. lawsuits newly released video:


AND CONNECTIONS, WTC and Bush Cheney Giuliani Bremer:


A nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves Tyranny is in full takeover:


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We present this to inform and enlighten. Our common cause is for the families of the victims to FINALLY get their 80+ unaswered questions, answered! (And where the truth may be brought out into the light)

WE NEED NEW, unbiased, independent, scientific hearings (w/subpoena powers) to make things right again for the common good of America. and our founding fathers Constitution and Bill of Rights, which are being rapidly desicrated.

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