I don’t agree with Khalzov’s 150 kt nuke theory but I’m certain mini-nukes were used at the WTC site

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WTC Constructed to be nuclear device chimneys (PLEASE COPY & SHARE)

Gordon Liddy Commentary



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I don’t agree with Khalzov’s 150 kt nuke theory but I’m certain mini-nukes were used at the WTC site. To be more specific clean H-bombs in the sub-kiloton range i.e. Neutron bombs.
Some evidence posted below.
Evidence of fission in the WTC dust samples,Barium and Strontium: Neither of these elements should ever appear in building debris in these quantities.
The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and reach over 3000ppm for both in the dust sample taken at Broadway and John Streets.

Thorium and Uranium: These elements only exist in radioactive form. Thorium is a radioactive element formed from Uranium by decay. It’s very rare and should not be present in building rubble, ever. So once again we have verifiable evidence that a nuclear fission event has taken place.

Lithium: With the presence of lithium we have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium has taken place.

Lanthanum: Lanthanum is the next element in the disintegration pathway of the element Barium.

Yttrium: The next decay element after Strontium, which further confirms the presence of Barium.

Chromium: The presence of Chromium is one more “tell tale” signature of a nuclear detonation.

Evidence of fusion on the WTC site shortly after 9/11,

WTC after 9/11, Tritium levels 35 x normal in the sewer & 55 x normal in the basement of WTC 6 with no significant source of tritium available in the old WTC complex. It was initially thought lights/EXIT signs could have been the source. The PANYNJ has since confirmed there were no tritium exit signs in the old WTC complex, only photo-luminescent ones were used.

Note, by the time the water samples were tested by the NNSA on 9/21/01 an estimated 4 million gallons of water had already been dumped on the site diluting the tritium levels (3 million from FDNY + 1 million from heavy rains). Water & vegetation from nearby the WTC tested & showed normal. No samples taken from near the 3 hot spots under WTC 1, 2 or 7.

Evidence of lower level, shorter term radiation associated with clean nukes (mostly fusion devices i.e. Hydrogen bombs/Neutron bombs),

9/11 first responders dying of ultra rare blood cell/bone marrow cancers previously linked to radiation exposure. In the general population Myeloma occurs at the rate of 3-9 per 100,000 people. That rate also occurs 99% of the time in people over 65 with an average age of 71. Just 1% are ever under the age of 65 in the general population.

In the population of 40,000 First Responders the rate is 1 in 534 people. This means 75 first responders have died from Myeloma. What’s more, they have all been between 37 and 60 years of age with most under 55. These are extraordinary figures, unprecedented. Worse, there are approximately 8,000 sick first responders today and many that have already died have succumbed to not one, not two, but sometimes 3 different rare cancers.

Article from PubMed,
Multiple Myeloma among atomic bomb survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1950-76: relationship to radiation dose absorbed by marrow.

The relationship between atomic bomb exposure and the incidence of Multiple Myeloma has been examined in a fixed cohort of atomic bomb survivors and controls in the life-span study sample for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From October 1950 to December 1976, 29 cases of multiple myeloma were confirmed in this sample.
Our analysis shows that the standardized relative risk (RR) adjusted for city, sex, and age at the time of bombings (ATB) increased with marrow-absorbed radiation dose.
The increased RR does not appear to differ between cities or sexes and is demonstrable only for those survivors whose age ATB was between 20 and 59 years.
The estimated risk in these individuals is approximately 0.48 cases/million person-years/rad for bone marrow total dose. This excess risk did not become apparent in individuals receiving 50 rad or more in marrow total dose until 20 years or more after exposure.


WTC-9/11 first responders & clean up crews are now 3 x more likely to get Thyroid cancer & 50% more likely to get Lymphoma & non-hereditary Leukemia.

Radiation exposure is known to cause bone marrow, blood cell & soft tissue cancers in general. Asbestos exposure is linked to Mesothelioma which is a problem as well.

PANYNJ-Port Authority of New York/New Jersey
NNSA-National Nuclear Security Administration

Links to source info posted in my YT channel’s discussion area & my G+


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