Audio from ex FBI Ted Gunderson I have information chiselled in stone documented that the FBI has had advance knowledge about 9-11 but did nothing to prevent this from occurring

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thought it was so good, I’ve made a transcript of sorts which you’re welcome to use if you wish:

FBI Chief asserts 9/11 was an inside job.

International Citizens’ Conference on 9/11

San Francisco May 2004

I’m Ted Gunderson, a 27 year veteran of the FBI who retired in March of 1979.

By the time of my retirement, I was the senior special agent in charge of the FBI Los Angeles division with 700 persons under my command and a budget of $22.5 million.

[Gives resume of his work for the FBI.]

From 00:43 min:

I have information chiselled in stone, documented, that the FBI has had advance knowledge about 9/11 but did nothing to prevent this from occurring.

And this is atrocious; it’s unbelievable.

From having been a former FBI agent myself, it’s very obvious that this thing has been orchestrated by TPTB at the highest level of our government and I want the world to know about it.

The minute I saw the planes fly into the tower on television live, as a matter of fact, the question I had in my mind was that there is no way, absolutely no way that somebody could skyjack 4 planes, 20 people skyjack 4 planes, in this case, 19 individuals, and our government would not know about it in advance.

We have, the US government, the most advance intelligence techniques of anybody in the world and you’ll never convince me that we didn’t have advance knowledge about what was going on.

We saw the airplanes go in and it’s also questionable whether they were remotely controlled.

I don’t know about that

I hate to comment on something I haven’t …. have no documentation.

But there’s much more to this story than has come out so far.

You’ll never in a million years convince me that those buildings, those towers collapsed because those planes hit them

I’m confident that they were imploded.

As a matter of fact, there were seismographs readings, we think from the base of 2 of them, about the time the buildings collapsed.

[Screenshot of seismograph]

There was also molten steel that was in the basement which is a very high temperature, for melting steel, and those planes hit above the 80th floor, so there’s no way that airplane fuel could drop down that low.

Also there were fires that burned in the basement for some 100 days afterwards.

So there’s some implications; there’s some finagle, some manoeuvring, as far as I’m concerned and there are many, many more people involved than this than these so-called skyjackers.

Anti-terrorism legislation was written back in the middle 1980s, under George Bush Sr administration.

A female Dept of Justice attorney, who was one of the authors, made this statement publicly: “Before this passes Congress, people have to be killed.”

Now we fast forward to the WTC car bombing in Feb 1993.

That time, the FBI had a 43 year old former Egyptian army officer as an informant who is in with the terrorists.

He was commissioned by the terrorists to put the bomb together .

He went to his FBI superior. “We are going to use a dummy bomb, right?”

He said, “No. We are going to use a real bomb.”

The FBI already had known in advance that they were going to bomb the WTC.

They furnished the ingredients for the bomb which is absolutely unbelievable that they would get away with this.

What’s unbelievable about this, is this was actually printed in The New York Times on Oct 28, 1993.

[Screenshot : New York Times October 28, 1993 by Ralph Blumenthal]

But they got away with it.

If I was a Congressman or a Senator, I would demand an investigation.

Why would the FBI furnish the ingredients for the bomb that brought down/damaged the WTC in 1993?

We had 6 people killed there.

We had a thousand people injured.

We had a total of 6 citizens who died in the Feb 1993 WTC car bombing.

We had a thousand individuals who were injured.

We had half a million dollars in damage.

But there weren’t enough people who died to pass the anti-terrorism legislation.

So now we fast forward to …. April 19th, 1995

Oklahoma City bombing.

We had 168/169 people who died – probably 169 ‘cos there was one dead whom they could never identify.

And a year later, the anti-terrorism legislation passed.

Now it wasn’t tough enough.

I can’t prove that there were explosives that were placed in the WTC, in the 9/11 situation.

However, from what I’ve seen and an expert on implosions from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who worked for the government, under government contract, stated immediately afterwards that the buildings were imploded.

[Screenshot of Van Romero, New Mexico Institute of … and Technology – see davesweb.cnchost (no. 69)]


And then he retracted his statement and said that well, maybe they were, maybe they weren’t.

Basically, he’s now saying that they weren’t imploded.

But other experts who had looked at the pictures, said that the buildings were imploded.

I think that in order to implode those buildings, there had to be implications, government implications or involvement in placing these charges.

I mean that was a tremendous project; I don’t know how many people would have been involved.

Going back to Oklahoma City, an inside investigator told me that there were at least 11 other people who were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Now if you have 11 other people involved in Oklahoma City, you’re going to have 3/4 times that involved in the WTC situation.

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