Professor Steven Jones the 911 Shill

Professor Steven Jones the 911 Shill

IV. Thermite and Glowing Liquid Aluminum

Over a year before Jones appeared, Derrick Grimmer, a Ph.D. physicist from Washington University-St. Louis and member of the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine Eleven (SPINE), posted a scientific article about possible use of thermite to melt sections of the WTC core. Jones does not cite this work but begins with the WTC study by the government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and its videos and pictures of liquid metal pouring from a window of the WTC 2. Jones does not challenge these data though they appear to violate the laws of physics. Where would heat sufficient to melt “huge” quantities of metal come from, allow it to collect in large reservoirs and pour along unspecified (irrigation) channel(s)? And how could thermite, which is little more than a cutting torch, melt mass quantities of metal [see Figure 14(b) and (c)]. After a confrontation, Jones admitted that Andrew Johnson spliced the videotape but they fail to tell us what was spliced to what and why and what the effect is. NIST claims the pictures and videos were from Reuters and WABC-TV but are they real? They look fake. Who took the pictures? What was the chain of custody? Is there evidence of photoshopping?

NIST acknowledges it “adjusted” the intensity of the photos somehow, so they were already doctored. Perhaps it was real phenomena but we strongly doubt it because

1. No heat source is specified
2. The liquid inexplicably appears to flow from a window rather than the floor and there is no explanation for what surface would support the flow.
3. The flow changes windows
4. The aluminum cladding on the exterior displays no signs of heat or melting despite the fact that iron begins to melt at 1538° C and aluminum alloys begin to melt at temperatures under 660° C
5. The flow disappears prior to destruction of WTC 2 as the video jumps.

We cannot explain how molten metal would pour from a window ledge and then move and pour from another window ledge, although NIST claims the flow performed such a feat within seven minutes of collapse.

What about nanoaluminum for cutting steel? Jones calls it “superthermite” and jumps to the conclusion that it caused the molten metal pools burning 99 days without eliminating competing hypotheses. There is no proof that thermite could cause such long-lived, intense fires. Jones and others might conduct experiments to prove otherwise, but we doubt such a result can happen. “Such molten-metal pools never before seen…with controlled demolitions which did not use thermite, nor with building fires, nor with thermal lances,” writes Jones, “Huge quantities of the stuff.” Jones asserts “that much thermite was used to bring the buildings down” [pdf (7/19/06) p. 62].” but if proven wrong, there is little or no fallback position. Placing all eggs in a thermite carton may lead to slim breakfasts down the road.

Michael Wegrzyn Sr. Please read the book:

Where Did the Towers Go? is a forensic study text book and is the only comprehensive investigation of what happened to the WTC on 9/11/01 in the public domain (i.e. not classified). The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) did not analyze the collapse of the World Trade Center towe…
Tracy Blevins

There are no images of large pools of molten metal in the basement of the WTC. None. Zero. There is the image above, but the image above isn’t the basement of the WTC. The reason why this is important is that these “large pools of molten metal in the basement of the WTC” are what we are expected to believe caused the long term fuming from Ground Zero. Instead, if you look at images of the basement of the WTC, you see this….

Images pertinent to the understanding of the dust that came from the WTC.

Tracy Blevins Ground Zero fumes on the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 9/11.

Images pertinent to the understanding of the dust that came from the WTC.

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