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This is the original version of September Clues – made by yours truly (and by me only – I am a totally independent researcher with NO connections to anyone whatsoever – and have pursued this endeavor with NO outside counsel or financial help – at all).

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The 9/11 broadcasts were nothing but a prefabricated, made-for-TV-movie. In order to make up your mind about this, please watch all of my ADDITIONAL 9/11 RESEARCH:…

The so-called ‘terror-attack’ of 9/11 was nothing but a psyop or, in other words, a gigantic make-believe simulation. It was pulled off with the active support of the mainstream news media – and their complicity continues to this day. The entire World Trade Center complex – 9 buildings in all – was of course demolished (in bright daylight – yet hidden behind a military-grade smokescreen ) but what we saw on TV was nothing but a prefabricated ‘Hollywood’ movie.

No planes were involved (thus no passengers died) – and no people were killed in the (empty) twin towers. For the perpetrators to kill 3000 white collar workers in New York City would have been the silliest self-inflicted aggravation imaginable. All of this will of course come as a shock to many people. However, the evidence gathered over the years is now overwhelming and has been consolidated by the steady efforts of independent researchers from all over the world – who have nothing to gain from spreading false information. Ultimately, it is up to every open-minded individual to look at the available evidence for him/herself. Please know that most ‘conspiracy theories’ you may have bumped into (such as Michael Moore’s blockbuster “Fahrenheit 9/11” and the internet blockbuster “Loose Change”) were created to uphold our illusion of living in a world graced with freedom of speech.

For any questions you may have, you are welcome to contact me through my Youtube channel. For those seriously interested in media fakery (such as 9/11 and other newsmedia-backed psyops), you are welcome to join our ongoing discussion forum:


May reason prevail

Simon Shack

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