WTC Constructed to be Nuclear Device Chimneys

35 Reasons Micro-Nukes Were Utilized to Demolish the WTC 9-11 Truther 150px text

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Must see this commentary.

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written by A Truth Soldier

Audio-video transcript with added commentary by me Daniel J Towsey

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See more detonation site photos here.

  Yes they were and the evidence is very obvious. I am writing this article as a supplement to the information I have gathered about nuclear devices being pre-planted in the construction of the 9-11 World Trade Center in New York City.

After you read this supplemental information and check out all the supporting information that is located here at

You will clearly see and understand that 9-11 was planned well before the buildings were constructed. Please go to this link for all the documented proof with videos, expert independent testimonies, photographs and much more. So here is my summary and my analysis of the proof of the title of this report.

The nuclear devices were planted below the 8th, being the lowest underground parking level and under the mural on the floor.

The nuclear bomb was a neutron bomb that turns metal into dust and molten liquid. The WTC buildings had a very unusual construction that I do not believe was ever used in any other high rise construction anywhere else on earth.

So I will explain to you what makes it so unusual and why it was built that way. By looking at the schematics or construction photographs of the buildings you will see that they had 47 central core columns made of the heaviest and strongest steel ever used in any construction of high rises on earth.

Between these core columns were the elevators shafts and staircases. So one thing that was unique about these core columns was that they had no (crisscrossing) cross members supports installed for stability.

This is part of the reason why these core columns were constructed of such extremely thick steel.

I will explain further below why there were no diagonal cross supports. Another thing to note is that all the vertical walls around the elevator shafts were only made of drywall plaster and not concrete.

Which is very unusual as plaster board or drywall does not give good fire resistance.

Actually I do not believe that any concrete was used in the construction above the ground floor.

All the floors were poured with a material that was then named Perlite. Perlite is a cement and asbestos fiber mixture that can be sprayed as fire proofing, as was done in the WTC and can be poured and troweled for floors. (The fibers gave the cement amazing flexibility and strength) It would them resemble concrete.

This product was later banned in construction due to asbestos fibers hazards. But the main reason this product was used is because it would not crack when the building swayed due to high winds and it was extremely light weight compared to concrete and much cheaper.

Can you imagine how expensive and difficult it would of been to try and pump and pour concrete to the 110 floor?

They never did it. Perlite (Pearlight) comes in 50 pound bags and is mixed with only water on each floor as needed.

Plus it was also sprayed on as external insulation against cold weather and for fire proofing. It also offered rust protection.

So the whole structure of the WTC had this product everywhere. This is why New York city was covered with a fine asbestos powder.

Also please know that the WTC building on 9-11 were virtually empty. Which is why almost no bodies or furnishing were found in the rubble.

911 The Hollow Towers_001__A Truth SoldierThe photo above clearly shows that the buildings were empty and had no interior walls.. You can also see the main large interior thick steel columns which housed the elevator shafts.

Soon you will understand that the WTC destruction was very will planned. If you read all the evidence on my site, you will also discover that all the 9-11 official videos were fake.

Fake 911 WTC plane videos

Published on Aug 26, 2013

More proof of faked wtc 911 plane videos (Censored by Youtube)

And you will also discover that even most of the bodies you were shown falling were actually silicone dummies that were filmed and dropped from the buildings long before the event.

This filming was staged by Israeli art students that were given the free use of the four floors for the previous four years, of the supposed aircraft impact area.


Daryl Borneman says, I think your awesome and speak the truth keep spreading the word

Rich P There it is finally. The answer.

Sphinx Hutc
I will reach out and say this is the best video for several years now I have been searching for truth I asked God to show me because I felt and I could see that things are not as they appeared so when you ask for truth you have to be ready first part of my journey was that of madness.
It was hard for me to believe everything and I mean everything I had been taught was a lie.
My journey started after 9:11 several years after in searching for truth and it’s right there if you want it its right there expecially with the Internet .
In my journey I came across Ted Gunderson he was an FBI veteran don’t know how I got there but that’s the way it is when you ask 4 truth your journey may take you on the road less traveled but it is there that I finds the entrance into the rabbit hole.
In the beginning as I was learning I wanted to scream actually I did but trying to teach when I was so angry didn’t come across the way it needed it is only now that I am learning how to teach truth because people have been asleep the truth is very alarming so giving them small amounts and asking them to research and then we’ll talk later has opened up more doors
I will say your video has truly touched me you generally can’t trust a whole lot expecially in today’s world but there was something about you that I related to so well that this is another example of my truth journey you get what you pray for if your specific
it has been very scary for a long time watching what is happening to this beautiful planet all the fracking destroying the water destroying the environment,
then you’ve got the American Medical Association destroying lives I work for this system for 12 and a half years in the beginning I had tunnel vision so truly didn’t see outside of the box
it wasn’t until I got sick myself that how to open my eyes I believe now that I was taking on a journey for a reason.
I would’ve never walked away from my job I would’ve never become a truther
I never took the time to study to really research history in anything except for researching my work I was a critical care RN and I know that emergency medicine and critical care medicine can heal
however the a m a is brotherhood of the serpent when I learned that there are so many natural cure for EVERYTHING
I was was blown way.
My goal is to reach out to as many people I can to help them live happier healthy lives and wake them up to fluoride go’s chemicals in food and medicines vaccines etc…
I also have some other plans in the works .
I would really like to pick your brain on a few subjects one being Germany
I am just learning some of what you mentioned it’s my understanding from a German on line u tuber that they can go to jail for 5 years just for speaking the truth of it.
BTW you should check out Rick sieges video harbor side on 911 chopper 4 used a energy weapon and fired it 4x into the center of the tower it looked like lightning bolts.
then as soon as it flew away the tower dropped .
Your description what has taken place makes and enormous I think this is the missing piece that a few are talking about. Thanks again
+Pumpkingilmour wow! Thank you!!! That explains more! Now please watch: “eteam (probable mossad) quick click WTC before 911” , search that exactly, and tell me if you think they made some kind of fake jumpers movie!
Then Google the b thing for pics.
They allegedly threw silicone filled dummies off the balcony they made on the 91st, jumpers and near impact, floor!!!
They were spies. Justice Halifax, the Israeli art students, has the whole story. Strange!
Daryl Borneman
I think your awesome and speak the truth keep spreading the word
Thank we all have to go out and spread the seeds of truth so that a healthy tree of life well grow to provide food for thought to future generations
Well done Brother, but understand that we cannot stop the prophesy. If everything turned around, the Bible would be a lie.
Don’t wish for the rejuvenation of satans empire. Instead, do what you have been doing to wake people up before it’s too late, and not be surprised by where everything is going.
We who have faith in God Almighty know what is in store for the future. We just don’t know when exactly.
But, i really think it’s safe to say we aren’t in the last book of Revelations……we’re on the last page.
Andrew Ludlam 2
FolkPhotographer. I am 54 from UK. I am very concerned with the ‘Elite’ , NWO, Zionist, Illuminati criminal insanity; and the fact that it is against Natural Law for less than 1% of the population to control 99% of wealth, land, resources, food supply.
I also note that it is against Natural Law for one group of people to seek Authority over another group of people.
Furthermore : I note that it is against Natural Law to create a money system that enslaves individuals by stealing the value of their labour.
I note, also, that it is against Natural Law to, for instance : Tax the population …and without their consent give that money to private corporations such that those corporations may exploit a desperate for work population to slave in factories that make weapons ……. that can be used by soldiers all over the world who are desperate for work to kill each other ( along with civilians ) .
These weapons and hardware of war will continually need to be replaced; and at some point the tax money extorted from the public will start to run thin and the government will default on payments to the Arms Corporations.
NO PROBLEM. The government will simply borrow some $ billions from the Banking Corporations ( at interest of course ) which essentially own the Arms corps anyway.
The tax payer will foot the bill. SO – The Elite start the wars. We public make the weapons. we public die in the wars. We public fund the wars.
The Elite profit. I am not a follower of any religion. However , I am a proper, kind human. In the UK there are many like me and we are growing in number.
I study every aspect of 9/11, and your overview is valuable
There’s something I don’t understand about the continuity of the insanity. It seems to be so well orchestrated.
For instance, the Fed Res is 102 years old.
The original creators are dead.
Who agrees to keep it going.
How are there so many people backing it: presidents, policing, armed services, agencies.
They must all be awake about what they are doing.
Yet we are asleep.
I get the pieces (medical, military, corporations…) but putting it all together so that a few get to rule the world doesn’t make sense: the planet will be destroyed, we’ll be dead, how will they maintain their wealth, health etc???? Help!
Jon Wong
FolkPhotographer, I am awake and share your concerns.  I came to the conclusion that nukes were used on 9/11 when I first saw Dimitri Khalezov’s videos five years ago.
People are lazy sheep, though, they won’t listen.
They won’t believe in the geoengineering that’s going on either.
All I can figure out to do is support Rand Paul and Ben Carson on the R side and Jim Webb on the D side.
By the way, if you didn’t know, Dimitri Khalezov just got out of Thai prison.  He could use help financially — check out his latest videos.
Canal M-4
Michael Farenborn
I am leaving you a positive comment brother…Truth Soldier and or Daniel J Towsey…maker of this video..
I am out in this world..feeling the same as you. I am appreciating your words at the end of this video. I am awake..still,.waking up.
I tell everyone I meet about the Geo-engineering and spraying ..the loss of blues skies and dying of trees.
I also feel like I am surrounded by selfish brain dead zombies sometimes..we need to wake them up.!! Time is short.
Chas Pinking 
I registered up to 117 million search results and get close to ZERO feedback. Join the club. Great video, great commentary, nice job. Truth is eternal.

WTC Collapse – The Case For Nuclear Fusion

Published on May 21, 2015

WTC Collapse – The Case For Nuclear Fusion
September 11, 2001
Hard Evidence for how the twin towers actually collapsed

Presenting an EXTREMELY possible and HIGHLY probable theory for the collapse and destruction of World Trade Center 1 and World Trade Center 2 ( and VERY possibly WTC 7 )based on observation and documented factual evidence.
After ten years of exhaustive research, based on the evidence, there is but one conclusion that accounts for ALL of the effects seen in video and the evidence collected and documented by various scientific researchers.

(computer generated female voice narration)

Israeli Art of Deception Students at WTC


In each building. They used this time to install shape charges into the external walls so they would resemble an out line of an aircraft impact.

Hey, the Israelis even published a book about what they did with pictures. Can you imagine that. They really believed that they would get away with it all.

They got this confidence because of their full control of all corporate medias. Read my previous article entitled “Creation of first corporation” to understand how it was made possible for our whole society to be completely subverted and destroyed.

So now I will get back to why I entitled this article about chimneys. Everyone who has studied the destruction to the WTC and seen all the videos. Heard and know about all the explosions going off before the buildings went down.

So now I will explain why these explosions occurred. They had to first blow out all the underground parking suspended concrete floors but not the core columns holding them and the building up.

They also had to blow out and open up all the fire stops all the way up to the top of the buildings.

First I will explain what fire stops are, and then I will explain about the parking floors.

All high rises have fire stops at approximately every thirteenth floor, but this varies with each building.

So the emergency staircases have fire stops every so many floors. These fire stops are walls and doorways so that you can only go down so many floors before encountering a doorway.

This is to stop smoke and fire from going up and through the building creating a chimney effect that allows the fire to grow quickly and would provide oxygen.

This would also cause the smoke to go up like in your fireplace but this smoke would go up and choke everyone above the fire.

This is also why elevators are turned off when the smoke alarms go off. To prevent air from traveling freely and feeding the fires, plus the convection effect of the hot smoke rising would suck fresh air in below the fires and create an even bigger inferno.

If you have seen many of the videos and read articles about 9-11 firefighter testimonies, you will know that they said that the stairways were blown up every so many floors. Now you are learning why. But I will explain and clarify this more for you below.

So now getting to why the concrete parking floors were blown out, and by the way.

If you remember that ten years earlier the FBI were the ones who actually blew out the floors of the underground parking.

I believe this was a test and a way to stop all the lawsuits from all the tenants who were sick from the asbestos.

So they blew the floors out and this gave them and the tenants the needed and justified excuse to break all their leases and vacate the buildings.

This also terminated all the expensive lawsuits. So if you read up on my site, you will eventually discover and understand that the WTC on 9-11 was almost completely vacated. Except for some cleaning and maintenance crews.

That is easy to prove. Take the 3000 number of reported deaths. Remove the firefighters, police and all rescuers and then remove the number count of the people on the planes.

You end up with an impossibly low number of occupants of the buildings. Especially since they were telling the public that there were 52,000 occupants of the buildings on 9-11.

If you do enough of your own research about 9-11 and for that matter about any so called official stories.

You will discover that all official stories, are just that fictional stories. I have always said that

“There is the truth ,and there is the official story and never shall the two meet.”

  Okay now back to the nukes. So now the blowing out of the stairs fire blocks and also the blowing out of the elevators fire blocks explains all the pre-demolition explosions.

You also now know that the concrete garage floors were blown out.

Now I will explain about the very unique to the WTC construction of the exterior walls.

In this photo below of the architect.

He jokingly describes that the steel going up the outside of the structure was placed close so people would not fall through the windows. 

But in reality when understanding that the WTC towers were built to chimney and contain the effects of the nuclear bomb.

You would then understand why these building were constructed like no other building on earth, EVER.

When the nukes went off the 47 center (central) huge core columns went straight down and melted into the nuclear reaction.

Now you know why the buildings went down so far.

Why the outside steel was thrown out and why all most of the central cores disappeared and where the heat came from to create what they call the WTC meteorite.

gelatin _ the b-thing.htm_20131210232447


WTC Atomic Core

911: Why 2/3rd of WTC got vaporized


911: Craters M-Nukes left in the WTC site

Uploaded on May 5, 2011  Buildings vaporized, rock melted and they still insist it is kerosene jet fuel.

If you have ever watched the erection of the frame work for a house and skyscrapers.

You would have noticed that all the floors have diagonal cross bracing. In houses, these cross bracing are on the outside corners of the structures and if the structure is much bigger you would see more cross bracing.

Will, hi-rises also have steel cross bracing . But not the WTC buildings. Again as far as I know they are the only steel structured buildings that never had this type of construction.

I will now explain why these building were built differently then any other buildings and then you will understand about the chimney effect for the preinstalled nuclear devices. So now another note.

It is now known and proven by independent 9-11 researchers that thermate or thermite was used in the demolition of the WTC buildings, and all the other WTC buildings, especially the 48 story WTC 7 that was never struck by any imagery planes.

Yes these explosives were used to blow out the fire blocks and most likely to burn off the connections between the floor support beams that supported the floor pans and attached to the 47 massive core columns.

Cross bracing is necessary in all constructions. So here is how they were installed in the WTC.

If you look at the images from the construction. You will see the huge prefabricated interlocking sections that were lifted into place and bolted together.

These exterior pieces had to be extremely heavy duty. Their design with steel plates attaching each vertical column to the next one created the cross bracing effect.

Now you can begin to understand why it is that more steel was used in the construction of the WTC buildings then any other high rise on earth ever.

You will also soon appreciate why would the builder spend so much more money to build these building this way and not with the much more economical and light weight standard construction of cross bracing.

Also you will notice in the construction that there was no cross bracing from the exterior walls to the interior support core columns.

The floors of the buildings actually were anchored, sitting on the core columns and sitting on the exterior walls.

The floor support beams did have small cross bracing going their length. So the floor structural purpose was not only to support the floor pans that had the Perlite cement on them, The floors kept the core columns and the exterior walls straight.

The exterior walls gave the cross bracing support and the core columns supported the vertical weight of the buildings.

(Note, for those of you who are listening to my audio version of this report please go to the link below this audio video for all the supporting images and more.)

So now everything is ready for the ground zero detonations. The nukes were very deep underground and they were neutron bombs.

These bombs energy was now able to go straight up into the now chimney of the buildings.

This is part of the reason why so many people never realized that nuclear devices were used on 9-11.

When the devices were triggered their energy did not go sideways along the ground because they were more then eight stories below the ground in solid bedrock.

Instead the energy went upwards as planned. So now again many free thinkers who have searched for understanding of what occurred on 9-11 in New York City.

You know that huge pools of molten steel at temperatures of around 5000 degrees were under the rubble months later after the demolition.

So now I will explain to you why that is. When and why nuclear devices were used. One reason was to have the maximum dramatic and horrific impact on the public.

Remember 9-11 was a completely pre-staged shock and awe event by insiders who served outside interests of the insane Rothchild Zionists New World Order Banksters.

They used nuclear devices because they never wanted these huge buildings to fall sideways onto other structures.

They engineered the destruction so that all the rubble would fall into the huge 8 plus stories deep holes.

This had to be because they could of never cleared a debris pile above ground. It would of been over twenty stories high and would of been almost impossible to clear.

As the nukes went off they had so much energy that the core columns immediately started dropping down and melted into this nuclear device. The central core columns came down straight into the deep hole of super thermal nuclear energy heat.

As the central columns were coming down into the hole, the energy from the nuke was going up creating a super heated volcano like cloud of dust.

This heat immediately vaporized the Perlite and very quickly melted the very thin floor supports.

While this was happening the exterior walls were being ejected outwards from the weight of all the debris of the floors. The debris was pushing the walls out and the amazing power of the nuke going up into the chimney of the elevators shafts and stairways guaranteed that the debris was being blown outwards.

I think now you are beginning to visualize and understand what you saw on 9-11. And yes there is proof that nuclear device were used on 9-11. If you seek the truth, you will find it. I did and so have many others. The world does have many beautiful, loving and caring people and many of them are the common American people.

All these beautiful loving peoples are truthers and we are in serious jeopardy from the NWO insane criminals.

We all need to wake everyone up and bring down the Zionist NWO before they complete their plans to own, control and exterminate most of us.

They have taken over the creation of money with their first corporation and now their criminal corporations have taken over the world.

Now they think they own the world and do not want to share it. Please read my article entitled

“They want you dead is written in stone”

We no longer have any peoples governments. We only have corporations pretending to be our governments.

The world today is not run by peoples governments. it is run or I should say is being ruined by mega-corporations. It is time for ALL sane truth loving humans to wake up the sleeping giant.

The Zionist New World Order has to be stopped now….. You need to do this.

“When you seed the seeds of truth the world wide truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment and the tree of life will be able to grow from those seeds of truth.

But this will never be if you do not learn truth and then spread those seeds of truth. if humanity is not guided into the future by your truths then humanity is doomed.

You need to be active, you need to be an activist just like Jesus was. You need to do good. You need to do Gods work now..

This is your last calling.. The call is now out for all Truth Soldiers to mobilize. Please read my article entitled “A Truth Soldier”


As Jesus told us. When your judgment day comes, God will know what was in your heart and will know if you were doing Good. Jesus was killed not for your sins but because of your sins. Jesus told you how to be saved come judgment day.

He told you not to follow him, he instead showed you the way to God by his actions being an example for you.

Jesus never said he was God. He said he knew God and wanted you to know God too. Jesus did not save you sinners. He showed you the way for God to save sinners.

He showed you that doing Good work was the way to repent from your sins and selfish evil ways.

O God means Good as in when you take an O out you end up with God, so are you with God. If so then you are Good.

It is your last chance to emit your positive good energy and turn the spirits of evil away and bring out the good spirit of God.

O God I pray that the people wake now and start to seek and speak truth.

For only truth will set us free of the insane evil that is destroying this planet we call Earth that should of always rightfully been called Heaven for God I know you already gave us perfection and gave us heaven here on Earth..

It hurts me so to see the insane moneyed corporations destroying our heavenly planet. _____________________________________________ Even the Illuminati playing cards says NUKE


BREAKING NEWS 9/11 was an inside job

Uploaded by on Jan 18, 2012

Richard Gage 911 Truth in Halifax (10) viewers questions terrorists in halifax

Richard Gage 911 Truth in Halifax (08) Questions on NUKES at WTC

Dimitri Khalezov – WTC Nuclear Demolition [Complete / Full Length]

Published on May 23, 2012 by

Dimitri Khalezov – WTC Nuclear Demolition 1 to 26 a groundbreaking interview of an ex officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence exposing the truth of the 9/11 events

This Video series has been censored all through the web. Why I believe nuclear demolition fits all the evidence we know about.

They didn’t call it “ground zero” for nothing! Before 911, ground zero only meant the area below or above a nuclear detonation, after 911, they changed some of the dictionaries to say it was also the place where terrorists attacked the trade centers. It’s all mind control.

Dimitri Khalezov has been an expert in nuclear demolition for many years and has an incredible amount of proof that the buildings were taken down by underground micro nuclear demolition charges!

I’ve posted some links to other material such as the melted cars that could have only been done by EMP type effects caused by a nuclear bomb since there was no jet fuel burning at ground level AND some of these cars were missing engine blocks!

They were totally melted! How do you melt an engine block when no fire was burning at ground level – many of these cars were 7 blocks away!

They were never explained in any way. Also it was never explained why Tritium levels were 55 times more than normal at ground zero. And of course we have ALL the strange cancers from first responders and many of them have died.

They were forced to wear “air quality” badges which Dimitri says were really just radiation detectors in disguise so they could monitor everybody’s exposure and pull people out of the hot zones for a while when their badges reported higher radiation.

Easy to lie to everybody and tell them the badge is to monitor air quality. That is pure garbage if you think about it.

There is not going to be that much difference in “air quality around such a relatively small area anyway.

Dimitri even said that in the 70’s he was told that the Americans had authorized the twin towers to be taken down at the end of their lifetimes with small nuclear demolition charges!

I did some research and it was true! It was determined that only a nuclear demolition charge could safely bring down both Towers and Building 7 because of their construction. Here’s some good information on nuclear demolition

WTC demolition4

9/11 – Time For Truth 3 (2012)

watch 9/11 Time For Truth 1 here……

Watch 9/11 – Time For Truth 2 here….

wtc Firemen raise Flag

Believe Your Own Eyes

Uploaded by on Feb 10, 2012

A follow-up to The Destruction + other stuff about 9/11.

NEW 9/11 Video and Radar Analysis

Thoughts on Blue-Beam and holograms of 9-11

911 Taboo

Download this video here for higher quality

Songs taken from:

9/11 CLEAR bomb going off in WTC BEFORE first plane EVER hit


fidlaf1 says, Thank you. You are right about everything. Keep speaking the truth.

Robert O’Rourkei hear you amico mio / my friend,

you are not alone. i have been searching for you for a long time.

please take comfort in my words,as i have in yours,
i thank you foe your truth,that in my life,i have always been a positive energy,well i am irish,and i had for a time great hardship to not be violent/which i despise.but always i found myself looking for peace,home,just to be myself,a simple artist,to paint,and play the things i see in my head,the music,the poetry.
well,its enough about me,
thank you/grazie mille my friend,
i continue to live my life and be positive energy to all those who path i cross….
goog day to you there
westernciviliznation says, we’re out here listening, no worries, we, the remnant, are doing our share; remember, the masses will chase the beast system… truth is… meet another one of the remnant. Nice to meet ya 🙂
Geoffrey Franklin You never cease to amaze me
Daniel J Towsey I hope there is a special place for you in the Heavens.

jason riebel That was the answer I have been searching for months!! I went to NYC 6wks after 911 because like most of us I could not overcome my fixation with what had occurred. GROUND ZERO is the correct term for post-nuclear detonation.

It was there all the time!!! 11-22-63 began the sickness…Lets all end it who believe n Christ our savior. If for nothing else a future our kids can hold sacred

FolkPhotographer All this talk about directed energy weapons yet no facts, proof evidence or anything as to what that is, where does it come from, how does it work.. nahdah..must a cloaked UFO mother ship hovering above shooting down the directed energy beam.. oh but just what kind of energy would that be?

bertjesklotepino ever checked what Judy Wood has to say about it?
You know how HAARP works? There are nice videos on youtube where people who actually work at HAARP stations are questioned about what they can do with it.
I mean, enough there, just need to put it into the searchbar. btw, militairy has also technology to blow up missiles in midair without using a projectile.
How about you give us some links to what you say..
Damon Thomas Thermite, nukes, dynamite and directed energy,, they may all have been used in combination. It sure as heck was not office fires and gravity.. Look at the flipped and scorched cars for some clues.

Damon Thomas Yes my brother, we are listening, subscribed as well. Keep up the fight for the truth, it is all that matters. Millions of dollars are spent every day to foster lies, we cannot just let them win, we have to push back with all the strength at our command….

Castaway Nuclear demolition was the only way to take them down and in order to build a building of this size in the later half of the century the law required that you have a demolition plan submitted along with the building plans.

You can’t build something that you can’t take down.  They did not use nukes to create shock and awe, the plans for nuclear demolition were submitted with the construction plans.

Tiri Onson Yes I have listened. Your comments about Jesus are in my opinion the best part. 911 was too good for the corps to not use. They destroyed magificently. Those firefighters killed were the martyrs, they willingly gave their lives to save others.

Yes, I had known before watching your vid of the destruction of the white western Christian nations of Europe, America and others.

I say no more brother wars. The killing started much sooner than you state, read “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed to fill in some of the blanks, Solomon was the son of a Hitte mother, he killed all of his brothers.

The Talmud- Babylonian types were in Rome BC.on and on it went. A big piece I did not hear you talk about was the Regicide of Charles I and the invitation by Cromwell to the “Hofjudens” of Holland who then formed the banking system of GB.

The immediate result was that Cromwell pitted the people of the British Isles against eaach other.

Five sixths of Ireland was depopulated. It is a long story but you are right, this should be Heaven, it is the creation of our Father and not the possesion of Evil.

God speed to you and all who read and understand. Some have eyes and refuse to see and ears but will not hear the Truth. Matthew 13: describes most  . . .

Alan Scott we will help you i do know you are good and true God bless you and keep you safe.

HO GI I am listening and believe what you are saying.

vanhaydu I really like your talk…check out (thegroxt1) dave

Alan Scott thank you i do hear you lots of love to you scotaland@hotmail,

joiganja when I first started coming on youtube in 2008 there was a video of the planning and building of the wtc complex, one part was about the demolition of the buildings in the future, it didn’t show you what they decided on but one of the ideas was to build them with the demolition equipment built into the buildings, so they just had to do a quick prep.?

eru shado says
911 was an excuse for the zionazis to launch the patriot act program.
Well, right at this moment, the zionists are already killing innocents americans through the infamous patriot act program that’s been cleverly designed to initiate human depopulation.

Patriot act program:

It’s all about killings or maiming disobedient goyims, Christians, Muslims, buddhist, Hindus, white, black, yellow or brown and thereby creating a utopia for the “chosen people” of satan.

How does it work:
If the targeted goyim is closeby, the goyim-master instructs you to polonate on him/her by pointing your pocket device.  Polonate means the device containing nano weapon polonator will release a spray or a beam of polonium 210 nano particles towards the victim’s nose or mouth, causing him/her to inhale or ingest po-210.

Who’s involved:
Nsa created some secured websites for mossad operatives and volunteers for israel to log on to.  They can not only access almost anyone’s (on this planet) private information, but also peek into as far as their bedroom and toilet using nano technology and microwave or terahertz wave.  If they wish, they can maime anybody, anybody’s children, anybody’s family or friends.  Their organization can be divided into three layers:

1. Execs like kissinger, soros, rumsfeld, usually from rand corp who controls the congress, military/dod programs ensuring they get abundant blank checks and cutting edge technology.

2. Core operatives like mossad agents, inner circle nsa/FBI/CIA agents, who know what patriot act is really about polonating targeted human goyims.

3. Sacrificial operatives like those poor black people and “patriotic” white Christians who join the anti-terror surveillance programs initiated as parts of the patriot act program.

What do you do:
They ask you to put your hands in your pant pockets to point a device towards the victim(s) to actually polonate (release po210 nano particles) the victim.

They tell you (when youre driving on the road) to move to another lane or try to be infront of some other vehicle.  That is because your vehicles anti rust coating contains the polonator and they want you to align your vehicle in front of the victim.

Simply hold a Geiger counter either in front of you particularly when you are eating or drinking as they tend to spray then.  It’s better to do it in oblivious way.

What are the technologies involved:
Nano technology, nanotubes filled with polonium 210 nano particles and
High frequency rf, microwave, tetrahertz to propel the nano particles out of the nano tubes.
The nanotubes also contain photo sensors acting like tiny cameras to pinpoint on the targeted area.  And it has RFID like charging circuitry using nano condenser cap energized by the emf pulse.

When did it ever start
Since early 2005.  they at first wanted to use depleted uranium.  It left obvious traces and could not be triggered remotely by emf pulse.  Later they experimented with radon salts. Which too was uncontrollable and was only effective to maime/kill in basements and bunkers.

bro, this is what REALLY happened!

Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11
Please watch this?

and here is the other most damning info this is what the physics says, only distance to sun matters

Anton Vdk
I don’t buy any of that, an underground thermo-nuclear detonation is actually also a directed energy weapon and is proven by one firsthand witness: /watch?v=vv-6eVrPd2w
They are running and yelling underground, underground and discribing an earthquake prior to the collapse, this testimony is in line with everything Khalezov explains. 🙂
Here are some other earthquakes:

9-11 Ground Shaking Like An Earthquake

9/11 We Heard The Warning The Tower Was Gonna Come Down … Then The Rumble Began

It came from below,

+Anton Vdk
you must not have watched the whole 2.5 hours since if it was a regular nuc the radiation would have been measured around the world and there would have been signature wave patterns detected, sorry friend, but she TOTALLY disproved your beliefs.
Anton Vdk
Nope she didn’t disprove anything, with all respect you have not studied the difference between an atmospheric nuclear explosion and an underground nuclear explosion.
The radiation in an underground nuclear explosion is much more contained, was there radioactivity?
absolutely hence all the rescue-workers diagnosed with cancer, much of them terminal: these cancers include: bloodcell-cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer, brain cancer and other rare types of cancer.
Also there is the testimony of John Walcott describing FBI-agent entering ground zero in full hazmat-suits (article:
 Also ground zero had only one definition pre-9/11. Also here is a vid of a secret service agent from OST:

911 CBS WTC nuclear demolition man with construction helmet in WTC-7 lobby.
OST: Office of Secure Transportation:
from wikipedia (lol):
The U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Secure Transportation (OST) provides safe and secure transportation of nuclear weapons and components and special nuclear materials, and conducts other missions supporting the national security of the United States of America. Peace.
+Anton Vdk
i beg to differ friend, if you saw the welding hoses lying on top of what seemed like molten metal and the steel boots turning to dust without burning the fireman’s feet, or how about the fireman who took his mask off in the DUST not smoke and he could breath fine, also, the BATHTUB was TOTALLY unharmed! THAT my friend is LASER PRECISION and you can see the EXACT same precision when they evaporate brain tumors in open brain surgery.
ONLY the wtc buildings were affected and this type of precision was experienced when they bounced laser light off the moon, which is just a satelite, unless you can refute the observations and interpretations of Dr Judy Wood, who has so far if you watch the video totally destroyed all your misconceptions and beliefs, i suggest you spend a few hours studying her video, it’s the only one that counts, imho, anythong else is a waste of time and inferior knowledge.
tom madden
judy’s videos are full of cgi’s and actors telling stories,i think dimitri khalezov’s theory’s (truth soldier) are correct,see vet today for more info on dimitri,
Anton Vdk
The bathtub was TOTALLY unharmed, wrong again

9-11 bathtub Judy wood Wrong Again

tom madden
i hope you/she are right, it would be the ultimate solution to the energy problem. ?
Anton Vdk
+tom madden
Yea but, he/she isn’t right. peace?
+Anton Vdk
peace ;D they have us right where they want us! divided like chop suey (and yes she did)?
Anton Vdk
peace, but I’m afraid she might have hijacked your mind. peace peace?
tom madden
I hope one of the theorys is right and can and will be used in a court of law to persecute the real perpetrators(Israeli zionist/mafia) behind 911,there is enough evidence and knowledge available for a second investigation but unfortunately because there is so much corruption in the system it will probly never
jason riebel
That was the answer I have been searching for months!! I went to NYC 6wks after 911 because like most of us I could not overcome my fixation with what had occurred. GROUND ZERO is the correct term for post-nuclear detonation.
It was there all the time!!! 11-22-63 began the sickness…Lets all end it who believe n Christ our savior. If for nothing else a future our kids can hold sacred?
Alan Scott
thankyou i care about you. and the truth you speak God bless you?
no, a lot of people watch your video, and thinking, asking questions ! Here in France, i did notice a lot of strange deseases on the trees & plants in my garden. I gave up money, sex , TV, etc… to get back my freedom of thought. For shure, as we are approaching the technological singularity, the means of spying on your life become reality. But don’t fall in the paranoia. We must be vigilant to avoid the world to become like they dream it. Don’t forget that the all humanity is living being.
!Caution! With such „nonsense theories“ the people which helped let 9/11 happen, try to discredit the reasonable and partially proven theories about what lead to the events of 9/11 in New York (nano-thermite, etc.). They try to jam the truth with such absurd claims, like faked airplanes and faked television coverage or even nuclear devices. Don’t let them confuse you and don’t get blind for more likely and legitimate theories.
let me tell you that using “approval option for comment” is not a very positive choice. This is going to slow down the planetary consciousness. Let me explain: a man has a brain made of billions neurons exchanging informations, from that emerges your conciousness.
When every human exchange informations, it creates a network similar to a mega brain which has a consciousness, and her intelligence is 1 million time more powerfull that cleaveriest human. Once activated, it will solve any problem.
in reply to
Cat Ruby
Nice to meet you too my fellow earthling
FIDIA Lafaurie
Thank you. You are right about everything. Keep speaking the truth.
in reply to
yes I agree… remember that there are still hundreds of missing nuclear devices out there..
in reply to F
IDIA LafaurieI am only sowing the seeds of truth so people can consume some healthy food for thought that was grown from the seeds of truth. That way we can have a healthy tree of life to breath fresh oxygen from..
The tree of life has to grow from the seeds of truth
I have watched Dimitri Khalezov’s 26-part series many times and spoken with him. I also reached out to him and assisted him w/ some proof reading of one of his larger articles. Please continue to post more on this subject. While I agree w/ all the science that it was > 100 KT nuclear devices, how fucking insane is it that they have that stupid fucking all-seeing-eye painted on the floor. These people need to be rounded up and tortured.
Howard Lewis
In Response To 911 CrashPhysics. Steel vs Planes. Deceived again
Submitted on 2017/04/10 at 7:24 am
Comment The entire twin towers structures were set with nukes in 1969, with the exploding bolts to facilitate the entry of jets into the buildings ordered in 1968 and delivered in 1971-1972. How do i know? I got WTC progress reports at the dinner table from 1966 in Idaho near ARCO until the Grand Opening which dad attended in 1972. I told him where I thought he could find 2,000 exploding bolts, through NASA’s supplier. He bailed out of the project when he found out the
y were going to install the demolition systems, designed by the Kellogg Corp. Dad was with Skilling. I had been with him when he was talking with Lewis Eisenberg 3 tines, but I remember nothing of the conversation. Dad was PISSED, as were the other engineers when they found out the Port Authority and Insurance underwriters demanded they install the nuke systems and walk off and leave these systems ready to go.

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