WTC Full Sized Foundation Plans

2013.12.11_00h54m00s_008_wtc foundation_001_

2013.12.11_00h44m31s_002_ 2013.12.11_00h44m56s_003_ 2013.12.11_00h45m25s_004_ 2013.12.11_00h45m49s_005_ 2013.12.11_00h46m12s_006_ 2013.12.11_00h46m36s_007_gelatin _ the b-thing.htm_20131210232447

Foundation Plans WTC

These images are huge and approximately 25mb each…

Click on any image in gallery for more options. You can right click on full sized link to download the huge images, or when you click on the full sized link you can keep clicking on the image to zoom in and to move it around to be able to read everything .

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