Email Letter to 911 Juctice Canadian Tour Organizer

Email Letter to 911 Juctice Canadian Tour Organizer

From Daniel J Towsey

March 18 2012

Hello James.

This letter will further explain why I have chosen to no longer participate in

Richard Gages of Architects & Engineers for 911 truth, 911 Justice Canadian tour

visit to Halifax.


Having free preshows in the afternoon should not be a problem.

Those shows are intended to draw in participation from the younger people.


Most of which have no idea of the importance and few have any interest in 911.

They do not understand its significance to their future.


You are so wrong in not listening to me about drawing in younger people…

Then on the other hand you say that it is ok to get actors involved. 


I am still not going to participate because I indicated in my previous email to you

that I had written emails to you and you never answered them.


You still have not acknowledged your short comings. In that matter.

I can not do business with you if you do not put honesty and truth first.

The lack of honesty and truth is what is destroying our planet

I will not lower my standards for anyone.


So your organization thinks it knows everything and will not listen to any new ideas.

Your rigidly structured and disciplined way of running your organization will not work.


You will make no progress if you do not know how to be part of the communities you come to. 

It is the people with everyones ideas and enthusiasms being part of the movement that

will make a difference.


Your organization needs to be fluid and needs to be part of the

communities it comes to.


You will make no progress if you can not listen to people like me who are very will

known and active in their communities.


Another 911 movie will make no difference.

There are an abundant number of great 911 documentaries already.

Go check some of them out on my site  


I am a visionary.

I see the whole horrible picture of the world today.

I have been an activist all my life.


I have paid a huge price for challenging the evil corrupt corporate system that

started in the U.S.A. with the creation of the first corporation. 

The power of money has given many Americans and over bloated ego of superiority.


Most Americans actually are responsible for allowing the spawning of corporate crime

syndicates world wide.

This happened because the first corporation literately bought off your souls with money

that was created out of thin air.


Now after that the plague of corporatism has spread its disease world wide.

That disease needs to be cured.

The creation and control of money and governments has to return to the people and

secrecy in society at all levels has to be recognized for what it is.

It is completely destructive to a free and open society.

It is evil and insane.

No free and open society can survive if it allows its society to be based on secrecy.


The avoidance of truth is insanity.

For truth is absolute and the further you go from truth the sooner you arrive at the

opposite absolute which is total insanity.


Our societies today are plagued by the insane.


Who hide behind the pretty false corporate images they show to the world. 


Please start reading my articles of truth such as 


I understand that you James and David are most likely Canadians but I think you

understand why I wrote this letter as though I were speaking to an American for the

American way has taken control of Canada and the Canadian mind.


You are so foolish in not seeing my visions of bringing in the younger people.


James you could of easily got me to change my mind about participating if you had been

willing to show me that you are will willing to have a two way communication of ideas.

But you do not.


The over bearing American way of doing things is the problem the world faces.


The Americans have spread their corporate evil and destructive financial insanity

all over the planet.


Now they are putting into place their final stage for their so called United Nations

to bring in their one world totalitarian control of the whole planet.


911 is an emergency call to the whole world to wake up and realize that this planet

needs to be rescued from the grips of the insane.

That can only be achieved by feeding the people food for thought that was grown

from the seeds of truth.


“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution will

 blossom from the enlightenment”


Please be advised that I will be publishing this email.


Email Letter to 911 Juctice Canadian Tour Organizer.pdf RIGH CLICK TO SAVE AND DOWNLOAD


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