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Zero Investigation Into 9-11

9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)

Published on Dec 27, 2012

9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)


1a – Dov Zakheim: 9/11 Mastermind? Who is Dov Zakheim? clip from 9/11 Missing Links


Jim Marrs Terror Conspiracy and 9/11

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Jim Marrs Terror Conspiracy and 9/11 – Jim Marrs presents the official government pronouncement on 9/11 as an obvious conspiracy. The only question is whose conspiracy it was. According to the government, the conspiracy involved about nineteen suicidal Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists, their hearts full of hatred for American freedom and democracy, who hijacked four airliners, crashing two into the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon, near Washington, DC.

The fourth airliner reportedly crashed in western Pennsylvania after passengers attempted to overcome the hijackers. To add insult to injury, this whole incredible Mission Impossible operation, which defeated a forty-billion-dollar defense system, was under the total control of a devout Muslim cleric using a computer while hiding in a cave in Afghanistan.

Primarily using mainstream media and government reports, Marrs has crafted the definitive journalistic account exposing the likely complicity of the Bush administration in the 9/11 attacks, providing a history of the overt and covert causes of the events.

However, his analysis goes far beyond 9/11, enabling us to understand the motivation behind American foreign policy, with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as primary examples of the US government’s secret agenda.

2013 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 911 Truth – INSIDE JOB

Published on May 12, 2013



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Published on 2 Oct 2012

9/11 conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories that disagree with the widely accepted account that the September 11 attacks were perpetrated solely by al-Qaeda, without any detailed advanced knowledge on the part of any government agency. Proponents of these conspiracy theories claim there are inconsistencies in the official conclusions, or evidence which was overlooked.

In a 2008 global poll of 16,063 people in 17 countries, majorities in only nine countries believe al Qaeda was behind the attacks. 46% of those surveyed believed al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks, 15% believed the U.S. government was responsible, 7% believed Israel was and another 7% believed some other perpetrator, other than al Qaeda, was responsible.

The poll found that respondents in the Middle East were especially likely to name a perpetrator other than al-Qaeda.
The most prominent conspiracy theory is that the collapse of the Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center were the result of a controlled demolition rather than structural failure due to fire. Another prominent belief is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government or that a commercial airliner was allowed to do so via an effective standdown of the American military.

Possible motives claimed by conspiracy theorists for such actions include justifying the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as geostrategic interests in the Mideast, such as pipeline plans launched in the early 1990s by Unocal and other oil companies. Other conspiracy theories revolve around authorities having advance knowledge of the attacks and deliberately ignoring or helping to assist the attackers.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and media outlets such as Popular Mechanics have investigated and rejected the claims made by 9/11 conspiracy theories. The civil engineering community accepts that the impacts of jet aircraft at high speeds in combination with subsequent fires, not controlled demolition, led to the collapse of the Twin Towers. and WTC 7.

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Just Found RARE WTC 911 Conspiracy Documentary

Published on Jun 19, 2013

A Just Found RARE WTC 911 Conspiracy Documentary from the public domain vaults at Archive.org

Kevin Ryan’s Another Nineteen – Investigating Legitimate 9 11 Suspects

Two hour interview with Guns and Butter


Everyone has heard of “The Underworld,” criminals who deal drugs, run prostitution, manage illegal gambling and other low level crimes.

There’s also an “Overworld.”

These are people who carry out crimes on a scale unimaginable to most people. They’re the bankers, the weapons makers, the heads of intelligence agencies, high level military people and, of course, politicians.

Kevin Ryan talks about “The Overworld” and how the activities and careers of 19 of these members of “The Overworld” dovetail perfectly with the attack on 9/11.

Theres a long promotional and music break between Parts One and Two.

More about Ryan’s book: “Another Nineteen”

Published on Aug 17, 2013

Another Nineteen

SAICs 9/11 Footprint

Were the crimes of September 11, 2001 solely the work of Osama bin Laden and nineteen troubled young Arabs, or were more powerful people involved? After a decade of investigation, the long-time co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies offers an evidence-based analysis of nineteen other suspects.

With the support of victim’s families and leading 9/11 researchers, Another Nineteen looks at who was in position to accomplish major elements of the crimes that still need to be explained. Detailed evidence is presented that reveals how each of the alternative suspects had the means, motive and opportunity to accomplish one or more aspects of the 9/11 events.

kpfa Interviews Kevin Ryan – Author of Another Nineteen

Guns and Butter – July 31, 2013 at 1:00pm
“Another Nineteen, Part One” with Kevin Ryan. Live fundraiser with Richard Gage

Guns and Butter – August 7, 2013 at 1:00pm
“Another Nineteen, Part One” with Kevin Ryan

Guns and Butter – August 14, 2013 at 1:00pm
“Another Nineteen, Part Three” with Kevin Ryan

911 Mysteries – Demolitions

1 hr 30 min The maker of this movie was angry at assertions that the official story of 9-11 was not true.

He set out to investigate the allegations and found himself overwhelmed with volumes of evidence that proved to him that the official story is just that, a story.

The real conspiracy theory is the official version of the events of that day.

Here in 3 parts are the discoveries that changed his mind.


Painful Deceptions

Go to this link to download the free original edited version


2/1/2006 BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC BYU Physics professor and founder of SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH Steven E Jones presents his presentation on the collapse of WTC Buildings 1,2, and 7 on 9/11.

A very informative and scientific presentation that raises serious questions about the official account of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7.


9/11 False Flag (Top Documentary)

Uploaded on Oct 7, 2011

“The world has changed after September 11th. It’s changed because we’re no longer safe.”

These were the words used by US President George W. Bush in 2000 to dictate the political direction for the 21st century. Whereas Americans launched attacks relatively quickly, first on Afghanistan and later on Iraq, based on falsified evidence, doubts about the official explanation of the events of 9/11 are steadily increasing.

The speculations that surfaced on the internet directly after the attacks were considered to be just wild conspiracy theories until recently. However, circumstantial and substantial evidence paints a clear picture.

The responsibility for the terrible attacks seems to lie not with Islamic terrorists but with several high-ranking members of the US government and military.

This documentary focuses on the inconsistencies in the official version of the events and on the evidence which has been suppressed regarding September 11th. It also answers why we still know nothing about it and why we are being deceived — including in Europe.

9-11 And American Empire – Intellectuals Speak Out

2 hr 4 min September 24, 2006 marked the first public event sponsored by Berkeley radio station KPFA regarding the alternative vision of the events of 9/11. David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips and Kevin Ryan plus question and answer moderated by host Ray McGovern.

The audience gave a standing ovation to this standing-room-only event.


9-11 Commission report

22 min Really good. Frank pointed questions, the kind we deserve to be hearing on the mainstream news but are utterly absent.

The official 9-11 Commission Report left a lot to be desired, in fact it was outrageous.

Nearly everyone on the commission had terrible conflicts of interest, critical testimonies were totally omitted, and unanswered questions were brushed over pretending no answers were to be found.

The most screaming example being the reason that WTC 7 collapsed, which many people are unaware of.


9-11 Conspiracy at the twin towers And finally, another friend and i made a 33 minute video on 9-11 back in August of 2006, just before i left for New York to be at Ground Zero for the five-year anniversary of 9-11.

While i did predict another false flag attack before the ’06 midterm elections that didn’t happen, i must say that i’m relieved that i was wrong.

The fact that more and more people know the truth of 9-11 every passing day just means that such an attack will be harder and harder to pull off in the future


9-11 Evidence part 2

Part 3

Part 4

9/11 Subliminals: GCSE Exam Papers

From Wiki: The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects by students aged 14–16 in secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The qualification is equivalent to a Level 1 or Level 2 (grade depending) Key Skills Qualification. (In Scotland, the equivalent is the Standard Grade.) Some students may decide to take one or more GCSEs before or after they sit the others, and people may apply for GCSEs at any point either internally through an institution or externally.

The educational systems of other British territories, such as Gibraltar,[1] and South Africa also offer the qualification, as supplied by the same examination boards.

The international version of the GCSE is the IGCSE, which can be taken anywhere in the world, and which includes additional options relating to coursework and the language the qualification is pursued in.

Through the government, 9/11 symbolism has been placed throughout the various paperwork by the NWO and those behind it, that children (and adults) are subjected to, be it one way or another. This video shows you a Sociology exam paper from the UK.

The blocks that the girl is playing which contain letters and (subliminally) resemble the Twin Towers, the letters are an anagram of the word ARMAGEDDON (sure, you could make quite a few words from those blocks, but as you’ll see – there is an order to them and it becomes mre than obvious).

Again, if you were viewing this without prior knowledge of what you are seeing, then your subconcious mind would be inclined to think about the 9/11 official story.

The word Armageddon may be in relation to the rest of the symbolism and 9/11 itself as i suspect, or with regard to an upcoming event – or both. The box cutters from the Official government conspiracy theory are included in the diagram, one is pointing towards a line of 4 papermen (representing victims).

It does have a subliminal effect unless you are aware of what it is or could be trying to do, which is uphold their ‘official’ side of history

Children are being taught that Muslims flew planes into the Twin Towers, they are not being taught to critically analyse anything, neither are they being taught useful and important information, they are just being brainwashed to remember/copy information that the government wants them to believe.

It is a form of mind control, this is just one example mirrored from Smulborn’s channel (links below). He also found some Numerology embedded within the coding of the exam paper.

Note* the diagram was removed from the Sociology exam after its exposure

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Smulborn
Original vid here:

RageAgainstNWO also has this video, which is where i found it. He also has interesting videos


International Inquiry (Toronto, May 2004) featured over 50 writers and activists who exposed the 9-11 crimes and subsequent cover-up. Here is a sample of the talks from some of the speakers: (in order of first appearance):

A.K. Dewdney, Michel Chossudovsky, Ellen Mariani, Nick Levis, Thomas Kimmel, John McMurtry, Col. Robert Bowman, John Valleau, Michael Dietrick, Jamie Hecht, Ralph Schoenman, Kyle Hence, Jim Hoffman, Paul Thompson, Barrie Zwicker, Joyce Lynne, Bruce Gagnon, Rocco Galati, Phil Berg, Richard Sanders, Ian Woods, Michael Ruppert, Webster Tarpley, Ken Jenkins, Mathias Broeckers, Carol Brouillet, Jeremy Wright, John Gray and Bill Douglas. (59 min.) http://www.archive.org/details/911o conspiracies…

9-11 Overview part 2

part 3

9.11 Truth Could this be the US govt version of what happened, or perhaps it includes some real facts, and asks some hard questions that the media and … all » government want to go away.

The truth can be hard to hear – especially when it means exposing the evils of modern government and spoiling your cosy little world. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1516690476971374988

9/11 – The Birth of Treason

http://video.google.ca/videosearch?q=9%2F11+-+The+Birth+of+Treason+ 9/11

The Explosive Reality Compelling compilation of tons of rare and partly unseen news footage of 9/11


9/11 – The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Only by”Exposing the Creators” … all  of the first World Trade Center bombing in (1993), could we have prevented the creation of the second bombing of the World Trade Center on 9-11! We failed to make it …

“PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE” that the 1993 bombing was – Encouraged by “AGENT PROVOCATUERS” of the FB-LIE

The fact is U.S. taxpayers “bought the bomb.” Worse still, since September 11, 2001 most of America’s sheeple

“BOUGHT THE LIE” that 19 angered Arabs & Osama bin Laden carried out the greatest act of terror in U.S. history.

The stark, raw reality is that the 9-11 “story” is THE GREATEST LIE EVER SOLD. American’s are being prepped for the next “staged event” Agents of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the propaganda press will then white-wash “USAMA BIN BUSH!” Rumsfeld, Cheney, Ashcroft, Kissinger & crew will blame the innocent to protect the guilty.

What’s it all about? Bush & zee Boys from der “Brotherhood of Death,” “Skull & Bones” are preparing us for a POLICE STATE.

Bush will try to surrender the Constitution & Bill of Rights. His goal? – establish a “New World Order”

WARNING: This video contains no lies, or “White House” spin!


9/11 – The Ultimate Con

1 hr 54 min We loved this one. It’s wicked good.

It’s not that you haven’t heard most of it before, it’s just that you never saw it all pinpointed and strung together so powerfully before. It’s fast paced, nearly encylopedic, and even though you’ll see dozens of famous faces they’re not on the screen for long, there’s too much to cover.

It’s a direct kick in the crotch to the official lies that won’t be so easy to recover from.

This movie does a very nice job of zooming out a little to put Sept 11 inside a bigger picture which gives it a more powerful feel and a more meaningful perspective to consider. Pass this link around.


9/11thology – full version of my book is ready! Download it now!

Published on Aug 23, 2013

Full version of my book is ready. Here are download links:




9/11 – The New Hiroshima

Part 1 (re-edit)


9/11 American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion 1 hr 32 min

The information highlight of the symposium was undoubtedly the Sunday morning panel discussion.

The panel was a whos who of the most credentialed 9/11 skeptics ever impaneled.

It was moderated by Alex Jones who set the stage and pushed the envelope from his first statement; this seemed to energize the crowd as well as the panel members.

The fact that C-Span had agreed to film this event had the panel chomping at the bit to hit bullet point after bullet point. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4258946892514662399 9/11

Blueprint For Truth The Architecture of Destruction

Commercial architect Richard Gage

(founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) presents a watertight case for controlled demolition of the three steel-building collapses at the World Trade Center, New York on 9/11/01.

Includes physicist Steven Jones’ updated evidence of thermite. Gage’s website, www.ae911truth.org, is rapidly drawing building and engineering professionals to the 9/11 movement. —

Part I – WTC Building #7

1 Symmetrical Collapse

2 Explosions

3 Fire

4 FEMA Report

5 Free Fall

6 Expert Corroboration

7 Squib Explosions

8 Molten Metal

9 Foreknowledge

10 Bldg 7 Conclusions

Part II WTC Twin Towers

1 WTC History

2 Twin Towers’ Structure

3 FEMA Deception

4 Explosions

5 Columns Cut

6 Rapid Onset

7 Demolition Waves

8 Free Fall Speed

9 Explosive Squibs

10 Symmetrical Collapse

11 Skeleton Broken Up

12 Molten Iron

13 Dust Clouds

14 Destruction by Fire

15 NIST Deceptions

16 Foreknowledge

17 Expert Corroboration

18 Conclusion — If you appreciated this documentary and/or would like to view the high quality DVD, please consider supporting the makers by purchasing and/or donating at the below link. http://www.ae911truth.org/

Only the TRUTH will set US free. Thanks to http://www.stoplying.ca/ for producing this fine DVD. ——————- FIND OUT MORE ——————-

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Website : http://www.ae911truth.org/

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Website : http://www.stj911.org/

Pilots For 9/11 Truth Website : http://pilotsfor911truth.org/

General 9/11 Links, News and Events http://www.911blogger.com/




9/11 Coincidence Theory

A video presentation by Spencer Morgan of www.Utah911truth.com


9/11 Coincidences

Multi part series


9/11 Fraud: David Ray Griffin, Part 1

9/11 Press For Truth

An excellent documentary about the families of the victims of 9/11 and their fight to uncover and expose the truth about what happened that day.


9/11 The Falling Man

Do you remember this photograph? In the United States, people have taken pains to banish it from the record of September 11, 2001. The story behind it, though, and the search for the man pictured in it, are our most intimate connection to the horror of that day.


9/11 The New Hiroshima Part 1


9/11 The Road to Tyranny 2 hrs 24 min

This Alex Jones classic film is a must see. Long and intense are his trademarks and this one is no exception.

Alex reveals what’s hidden in plain sight by looking at the militarization of the police, and the police-ification of the military. A scene in Oakland California shows a conditioning exercise, teaching people to submit quietly when the military comes to their town and takes total control, saying through loud speakers,

“We’re the American military and we’re here to help.

Please remain calm. We will not tolerate civil disobedience.

Please remain calm and cooperate so we can process you into the camp faster.” The camp?

Yes folks, the concentration camps that have been built all over the country and are ready and waiting to be filled with millions of US. Alex also exposes the FBI involvement in the “terrorist acts” in Oklahoma City and the first bombing at the Twin Towers.

As usual, it is they who recruit, train, arm and give the plans to the patsies; and who are protected from indictment and prosecution by our corrupt judiciary. Watching Road To Tyranny may not put you in a good mood, but it will wise you up a bunch.

Very important stuff.


9/11 Truth Documentary – Grave Implications

9/11 Truth Rising

This is the new Alex Jones 9/11 documentary.

It focuses on the passionate group of activists who are demanding answers from the government and other powerful and influential people. Please buy a copy from prisonplanet.tv if you have the means.

Your support is what keeps all of this going. Either way, SPREAD TRUTH.



911 – In Plane Site

53 min Yes, another 9-11 movie. It’s a good one though, and you should see it.



part 1 Check this out..shows that the videos shown to the public were tampered with and were fake..plus it proves that a boing did not fly into the first tower


911 Accountability

(54 min video] Prof. Peter Dale Scott presents a condensed version of the two chapters from his forthcoming book, “The Road to 9/11”, that deal with the actions of Dick Cheney on the morning of 9/11, and a host of troubling contradictions on that day, in lecture form


911 Citizens Watch Collection of videos http://www.911busters.com/911-Commission.html

911 Commission Report

Ommissions and Distortion David Ray Griffin…A lecture by David Ray Griffin about the “9/11 Commission Report” and his latest book “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions”.

Here he debunked the entire Kean commission and the report as an enormous lie through omissions


911 In Plane Site

This is a really good video..don’t miss this one..


911 Loose Change (full-length)

For anyone who still has doubts about 911, weigh out the facts and the

overwhelming amount of evidence supporting the reality that the events of 911 were one big set-up.

911 Octopus 911 Blogger Censors Media Involvement


911 Press For Truth video Jersey Girls Deserve Answers.

The families of 9/11’s victims bear a burden of pain that goes far beyond our own breath taking shock and sadness.

They need answers which are not forthcoming.

The bush administration had to be pushed for 2 years to start a commission to investigate what happened, and when it finally agreed, the entire exercise was interwoven with conflicts of interest, omissions, and worse. Questions were asked but not answered.

Inevitably answers were sought without official help which has unraveled hundreds of lies and shocking facts, many of which were strangely not spoken of by network media, leaving the public in ignorance.

This film is a veritable data base of the lies and hidden facts in the official version of 9/11 that everyone has the right to know.

If it’s hard for you to believe your government could lie, cheat and steal from you, then you need to watch this movie.

I know it hurts. The truth often does.


911 Revisited v2

WTC/World Trade Center/9/11/September 11


911 Ripple Effect – 2008 This is the follow up to the movie. ‘In plane site”

This a great movie..watch it here on line http://911rippleeffect.com/ conspiracies…

911 The Criminal Enterprise

[WARNING: this video contains scenes of extreme violence and bodily injury, and should be viewed by responsible adults ONLY]

“David Hawkins is the former coordinator of Artificial Intelligence and geoscience research at Schlumberger, the inventor in 1989 of a toolkit for virtual-reality prototyping and a world authority on the use of applied mathematics, thermodynamics and deductive logic to analyze violent crimes and identify the weapons, opportunities and motives of the perpetrators. ” **

If you still believe the lies and propaganda that you have been force-fed by the U.S. government and our lamestream criminally collusive media about what they claim happened on 9/11, then take 23 minutes, watch this video, and you might learn something. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3962883610962556504 911

The Falling Man Movie


911 The Falling Man (FULL MOVIE) September 11 2001 was a day of many incredible and shocking stories: stories of survivors, stories of heroes. But there was one story that people didn’t want to face.

The story of the people who began to jump from the World Trade Center just minutes after the first plane hit.

Their images were caught on videotape and in photographs, but soon they were never seen again, as if they had never existed. Among those pictures is one of the most unforgettable images from 9/11 – a photograph of a falling man, frozen in mid air, his body perfectly parallel with the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

911 The Road to Tyranny

The government needed a crisis to convince the people to willingly give up their liberty in exchange for safety.

Now the painful facts are in. “The dark forces of global government are funding, training and protecting terrorist networks worldwide. 911 the road to tyranny part ii documents the ruthless history of governments orchestrating terrorist attacks against their own people to scare them into total submission.

“In this brutal expose you will witness the birth of a global police state that surpasses orwell’s nightmarish vision.

It’s all here: the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the modern implementation of fear-based control and, most frightening of all, the new world order’s future plans.

This is one film you cannot afford to ignore.

The future of free people everywhere is at stake.

*How dozens of FBI and defense intelligence agents were threatened with arrest by the federal government if they got in the way of Al-Qaeda operations.


911 Truth DVD – FREE 9-11 Truth & other conspiracy movies FREE on DVD


911 Truth..Denial stops here…

From 911 to Peak Oil and Beyond ..2hr video and many other great videos


911 and the American Empire

David Ray Griffin, an acclaimed philosopher-theologian and author of the 9/11 truth blockbusters

“The New Pearl Harbor” and “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions”, has made a rare public appearance and a brand-new talk, entitled “9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?”.

It will focus on the ethical and spiritual dimension of facing the overwhelming evidence that the Bush Administration was complicit in the attacks of September 11th, 2001.


911 conspiracy tv http://www.911conspiracy.tv/index.html

911 cover up videos


911 docs Definitive collection of 9-11 documentaries and videos


911 media spin videos Catalogued spin on a massive scale


911 video you can’t debunk about bombs

911 with CIA cover up


911- Sibel Edmonds Documentary (Feb 2009)

This brave woman has risked her life to do this documentary..please watch it


911:The Greatest Lie Ever Sold –

By Anthony Hilder 2 hrs 6 min


911hoax.com Comprehensive TV and video collections http://911hoax.net/911_News_Broadcasts/

A – Willie Nelson on 911 Truth : Was INSIDE JOB 2-4-08


Aaron Russo, creator and director of the groundbreaking new film, America: Freedom to Fascism, speaks candidly in this video about 9/11,


American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion

The information highlight of the symposium was undoubtedly the Sunday morning panel discussion.

The panel was a whos who of the most … all credentialed 9/11 skeptics ever impaneled.

It was moderated by Alex Jones who set the stage and pushed the envelope from his first statement; this seemed to energize the crowd as well as the panel members.

The fact that C-Span had agreed to film this event had the panel chomping at the bit to hit bullet point after bullet point. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4258946892514662399

Ann Fagan Ginger – US Human Rights Violations since 9-11 29 min

Ann Fagan Ginger, Constitutional Lawyer, Human Rights Attorney, in an intriguing interview on how US policies and actions since 9-11 violate US and International laws that prohibit torture and safeguard Human Rights.


Awkward questions about 9/11 We will discuss a documentary which is probably the most important film made so far on 9/11.

It’s called “Zero” and Russian television is showing it in prime time on the eve of this week’s seventh …

BBC’s Conspiracy Files: 9/11

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Ylwz3EqpgcU[/embed]

BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC BYU Physics professor and founder of SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH Steven E Jones presents his presentation on the collapse of WTC Buildings 1,2, and 7 on 9/11.

A very informative and scientific presentation that raises serious questions about the official account of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7.


Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction


Building 7 Demolished


Compilation revealing 911 Truth about 51 minutes


David Ray Griffin & Michel Chossudovsky on RBN – 5.12.2008


David Ray Griffin – 911 Commission Report Omissions and Distortions 1 hr

This highly respected scholar and theologian studied the facts of Sept 11th and found the official story of the events to be worse than misleading.

David Ray Griffin is mild mannered, but he’s not one of those unbearable skin crawling holy rollers. He’s pretty cool and very likeable (and never even mentions religion). His enormous knowledge of the facts of 9/11 and his lectures are famous within the 9-11 Truth movement.

You should know about him and his findings. I know it’s hard. You still need to hear it.


David Ray Griffin drops Bombshell on Charles Goyette Show

David Ray Griffin in DC 9-24 2005 This 32min video is the a concise report on 9/11. No emotional overloads just facts… An excellent video to share with friends and family, without taking up their whole evening.


David Shayler on 911


Dripping Red Hot Molten Steel WITNESS Speaks 911 G Z Witness – Scott – 911 Truth is leaking out about the abundance of Thermate used in demolistion of WTC towers 1, 2, & 7.

No plane hit #7 and it would take days if not weeks to rig it with demolition charges… Scott , first interviewed in Aug. 2007 was a Crane operator in Local Union #138, and he saw the liquid dripping steel…

Dust to Dust – The Health Effects of 9-11

Just days after September 11, 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency assured the public that there should be no concern about any health hazards associated with exposure to smoke and debris in lower Manhattan.

This disturbing documentary asks whether the EPA’s pronouncement was based on science or politics.

Now many of the first-responders who risked their lives within that toxic chemical soup are seriously ill or dying.

Filmmaker Heidi Dehncke-Fisher and producer Bruce Kennedy reveal how 9/11’s latest victims are America’s forgotten heroes.





Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime It’s hard to connect the dots when they’re all hidden.

This excellent 9-11 movie fixes that. It brings you the people, places and things that the media disregards and does it in a way that no one can ignore.

A scene near the end is the real time footage of bush in a classroom being told “Ameria is under attack”, and he just sits there doing nothing. At all. For ages.

I challenge anyone to excuse that; it’s simply appalling. This is good one. Watch it.



FREE 911 videos Here it is–no more searching


Face the Facts –

An Alternative View of 911

This film is a compilation of the views of 911 footage from around the world. Watch this 45 minute film and make up your own mind about the truth by looking at the facts.


Flight 93 Did Not Crash In Pennsylvania!

General of US Intelligence says No Plane Hit The Pentagon Major General Albert  N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence says: Pentagon was NOT hit by a plane, WTC 7 brought down by explosives, Media in America is controlled.


Graeme MacQueen – 3.19.2008 – University of Waterloo p11

http://911blogger.com/node/15793 Greg Palast 911 Conspiracy



How the towers fell


Hutchison Effect and 911 WTC Destruction


Part 2


INSIDE 9/11 : ZERO HOUR (PART 1 of 4)

Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic

A look at the collapse of the WTC Towers and WTC 7 by scholars for 9/11 truth.


Inside 9/11 (Episode 1: War on America) “War on America” opens with the dramatic 1993 World Trade Center bombing and tracks terrorist activities aimed at U.S. targets throughout the 1990s leading up to the horrific morning of September 11, 2001.

With each successful attack, terrorist networks become more emboldened.

The organization and the legend of Osama bin Laden grow.

Meet Osama bin Laden as a young Saudi businessman who arrives in Afghanistan to raise funds to help those hurt by the war.

Follow this wealthy and privileged son of a self-made billionaire as he rises through the ranks of Islamic terrorist society and remakes himself into a mujahedeen warrior.

Hear how bin Laden is schooled in the teachings of radical Palestinian leader Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam as Azzam calls for violent jihad, or holy war, against all enemies of the Islamic state, including the United States, most Western nations and Israel. The extreme hatred for those outside the Islamic faith becomes the cornerstone of al Qaeda’s ideology from the mid 1990s until today and is the basis of bin Laden’s power.

As terrorist activities and organizations continue to increase in power and strength, “War on America” charts the response of the U.S. intelligence community and details the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Council, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and at least two U.S. presidents.

Featured in the program are interviews with terrorism experts from the intelligence community, including former CIA and FBI agents who witnessed the growing threat. Listen as U.S. government whistleblower Bodgan Dzakovic recounts how he was part of the FAA’S “Red Team” was able to breach airport security almost 90% of the time with very little problem in the months prior to 9/11.

Feel the frustration mount as bin Laden, time and time again, keeps a step ahead of U.S. intelligence efforts to capture him.

http://video.google.com/videoplay? docid=1562271686023954226&ei=F9F2SfyOI5j8qwLS0vG3BQ&q=The+War+In+America&hl=en

Iron Mountain Blue Print for Tyranny

In 1961 the Kennedy administration ordered a top secret study, to determine the problems facing the United States if the world moved from . http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1620137662471578899&hl=en

Jesse Ventura being interviewed Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, ex Navy Seal Vietnam Veteran, Demolition Expert and an avid spokesperson for 911 Truth.

The governor takes on a swarm of media in the footage below for about 30 minutes.

This is a pretty intense interview!

(The first 2 minutes isnt worth watching, its just someone walking around with a camera. Fast forward about 2 minutes to get to the interview.)

http://52.thelastoutpost.com/video-1/911/jesseventurabodyslamspresson911.html a_truth_soldier

Lets Roll 911

http://www.letsroll911.org/phpwebsite/index.php? module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=22

Loose Change Final Cut Here it is get it while you can

http://video.google.com/videoplay? docid=6499230265406230477&q=loose+change+final+cut&total=192&start=0&num=100&so=0& type=search&plindex=10

Loose Change Final Cut


Loose Change Second Edition Full Movie

Loose Change: The Final Cut alternative location


LooseChange 911 VIDEO(original) Watch this one.and WAKE UP


Martial Law 911 Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State

was filmed primarily during the Republican Party’s 2004 national convention in New York City. …

all  The Republican Party’s choice to hold the event there drew both strong praise and strong criticism.

Alex Jones’ clear intent was that the people who were truly guilty of planning and carrying out the events of September 11, 2001 were coming back to the scene of the crime.

In the film, Jones shows what he believes are signs of a growing police state: constant surveillance, a defined military presence, a militarized civilian police force, mass roundups and arrests of protesters, detention in a makeshift facility laden with asbestos which one interviewee called a “concentration camp”, and threats of arrest for constitutionally legal activities.

Many different views are presented, including one semi-humorous confrontation with a group of American communists.


Michael Moore – Farenheit 911

This is a very weak effort on 911 truth


Missing 911 Footage 9:00 am to 9:10 am – Part 2


Missing 911 Links MISSING LINKS is the first movie to expose the identity of the criminals responsible for 9/11.

Now you will discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video.

The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminals who orchestrated the attacks.

As they say, “if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.” Culminating evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to.


Mohamad Atta and the Venice Flying Circus (abridged) Hopsicker details connections between the owners of the flight schools, corporate fraudsters, intelligence operatives, and drug traffickers.


Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus


Netcenter Huge collection use www.keepvid.com to download videos


New Standard for Deception by Kevin Ryan 1 hr 9 min

Heavy in technical data & no frills. Chemist Kevin Ryan gives an in depth lecture comparing hard technical facts to the official 9-11 commission report, leaving the official version standing naked and shivering.

Ryan explains details of the investigation by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) not acknowledged by the Institute, and exposes the overlapping appearance of the same heads of investigations at both WTC and OKC, and many other interesting things.


No Greater Threat: America After September 11 1 hr C. William Michaels divulges greater details about the Patriot Act. Very informative and very frightening.

(Why is it that the more we find out about ANYthing the worse things look?) Excellent lecture at a CT University. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8981818899552019917

Open Complicity – Anatomy of the 9/11 Cover Up The official story is a lie.

What’s different about this film is that the makers offer a possible scenario pointing at who did it. It’s quite interesting. 1 hr 13 min Part 1 41 min


Perspective on 9/11 Perspective 9-11 is a insight research on the story behing the 9-11 attack…


Popular Mechanics Debunked Showing beyond a reasonable doubt that Popular Mechanics lied and Distorted information in their 911 hit piece and subsequent book.


Prothink maakt film oxpossing 911 (preview)

Check out this video about the Fox News report on the Israelis and 911

Question 911 go here to download important videos http://www.question911.com/index.html

Questions 911 Download videos here http://www.question911.com/linksall.htm

Questions 911 Free DVD downloads http://question911.com/index.html

Rare Amateur first plane video. Heres one you never saw before of first plane (fake video)

Response to rare 9-11 amateur video


Richard Gage in Keene, NH at College Crators of 911 truth architecs and engineers website..2 1/2 hour video


Rosie O’Donnell & William Rodriguez – 9.11.2008


See how fox and the media shoot down real evidence….Segment from Fox News’ pilot “Mancow” show in which Infowars’ Kevin Smith debates a ground zero fireman on the 9/11 inside job.

Despite a deliberate attempt to ridicule and distract Kevin, most viewers felt he did a stand up job in exposing 9/11 truth under difficult circumstances


Sept 11th: Evidence To The Contrary 59 min Commentary and footage from several 9- 11 films packed with insights, facts, and comparative data. It’s like 9-11 bran muffins.


September 11 2001 Video

September 11: Evidence to the Contrary REDUX

2006 is the film that brings it all together.

With an all new intro featuring Tucker Carlson and The Lone Gunman Pilot, this video promises to deliver the case.

Included in this video is the meat of “Are the Criminals frightened”, “Loose Change 2E”, “911 Eyewitness”, and “Martial Law 911”, broken up with commercials from Reopen911.org and the news clip from FOX that featured “Loose Change 2E”.

With all new music by Paul Oakenfold. You will find that the information contained in this is a superior compilation of 911 evidence that the buildings had explosives in them.

This 86:24min video is a great intro for anyone seeking answers about that day. SHARE THIS FILM


September 11th Revisited 1 hr September 11th Revisited is an excellent examination of the destruction of the

World Trade Center.

This powerful film features live eyewitness accounts and archived news footage thatt never replayed on television and provides ample evidence that explosives were used to demolish the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7.


September Clues

This is a new 8 part series that just came out..MUST SEE

September Clues (Movie)


Severe Visibility. The 911 Attacks were “a Hoax”

“Filmmaker Paul Cross was doing post-production work in Washington DC when he heard about the “terrorist” attack.

He visited the crash-site just five hours after impact and could plainly see the official story was a lie.

“There was no passenger jet wreckage; the lawn wasn’t scorched; lamp posts, fences and construction materials in the path of the jet were untouched.”

Cross told me.”If this was a hoax, then the attack on the World Trade Centre was also a hoax.” ” (courtesy H. Makow) http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=9142

THE FLIGHT 93 FRAUD- Smoking Gun Evidence


Over 50 million people across the world have seen Dr. Zakir Naiks lecture that exposes and makes fun of official 9/11 lies and the wholesalers and retailers of those lies.

On Peace TV, with satellite links covering the globe, Islamic scholar Dr. Naik, based in Mumbai

(the worlds most populous city formerly Bombay) India, pulls the rug from under the neo-con’s genocidal war on terrorism. 9 min


The 9/11  7/7 Connection 52 min British Ian Crane gives a compelling, informative photo lecture revealing even more insightful evidence of the official lies surrounding these events.


The Falling Man

The Hidden History of 9-11

This is a must listen interview with Paul Zarembka. How much insider trading occurred in the days leading up to 9/11?

How compromised is the evidence against alleged hijackers because of serious authentication problems with a key Dulles Airport videotape?

To what extent does the testimony of more than five hundred firefighters differ from official reports of what happened at the World Trade Center buildings that day?

How inseparably connected are Western covert operations to al-Qaeda?


The Pentagon 911 Lie Fest http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/356.html

The Pentagon Flyover (How They Pulled It Off)


The Secret Evil of 9/11 A great quick Overview of the 911 Issues.


The Secret World of Mohamed Atta..An Interview With Atta’s American Girlfriend Exclusive 19-minute interview with Amanda Keller, Mohamed Atta’s erstwhile American girlfriend, refuting…”all sworn testimony given by a Pentagon official last week (sic) at the Able Danger hearing, who said the U.S. had not identified Mohamed Atta prior to 9/11.”..

.The ranks of U.S. Government Agencies with unacknowledged awareness of Mohamed Atta’s pre-9/11 activities in the U.S. have been steadily swelling. The DEA had Venice Airport under 24-hour surveillance before 9/11.

They filmed everyone who entering or exiting Airport from a camera installed in an apartment across the street, which was exactly where Atta lived in fact as well.

DEA and Atta were neighbors. So DEA could have saved Pentagon trouble of using their “state-of-the-art data mining capabilities” and knocked on his door….

They have chosen not to, apparently. Nor are they alone in their silence….FBI knew of Atta’s presence in U.S….FBI began scouring Venice, FL environs looking for Amanda Keller ONE day after 9/11 attack.

They located her almost immediately.

So they presumably know all about both Atta’s drug use AND his German associates as well….FBI also claims unable to figure out where Mohamed Atta was living (neighbors to the DEA) between January and May of 2001.

But numerous eyewitnesses told them. Florida Flight Training Center owned by “Magic Dutch Boy” Arne Kruithof, one of the two ‘Magic Dutch Boys’ who run flight schools at Venice Airport. Other is Rudi Dekkers, not charged with any 9/11-related crime as yet,…

[despite being a close Atta buddy.]….

Rudi Dekkers currently makes frequent charter flights down and back to Columbia, we’re told. Another Atta buddy and close friend is Wally Hilliard–who connects directly to the Bush family…


The Truth and Lies of 9/11

This pioneering, groundbreaking expose of 9-11, now two years old, painted a stark and accurate picture of our world today and TOMMORROW. Mike’s new introduction “connects the dots.”


The elephant in the room

The Elephant in the Room is a documentary following British filmmaker Dean Puckett through his journey into the 9/11 Truth Movement: a global movement of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who believe that the official explanation about what happened on 9/11 is totally or partially inaccurate.

The filmmakers travel from middle England, across Europe and to New York for the six year anniversary of the attacks, where the film takes one final twist as we are introduced to the 9/11 first responders who are suffering from various grave health difficulties due to the toxic dust that they breathed in trying to help their country during the weeks after this tragic event.

Told with a personal hands on approach that avoids advancing any one position, the film asks the question: are these crazy conspiracy theorists? Or is 9/11 Truth a credible political movement?


http://video.google.com/videoplay? docid=4701757632630708538&hl=en


Three Nights At Ground Zero 31 min On September 11th, 2001, whether several thousand miles away or right there in New York, millions of Americans wished there was something they could do.

Emergency workers from all over the country headed to Ground Zero on their own, deeply driven to help.

Unfortunately once the government took control, fewer and fewer people were able to help search for survivors or do much of anything and soon were systematically denied entrance at all.

It was frustrating for everyone and began the pattern of secrecy and control that still dominates the subject to this day. This nicely done professional quality film tells the personal story of two friends who went to help and did get in.

It covers only the first three days after which they were no longer allowed to be there. It will evoke memories and bring back tears but it will also show you that there was little chance you could have done anything, and that’s important to get.

There is unique footage and information that was not shown on television as it all comes directly from the hands on personal level of these two incredible individuals.


Timewatch: Operation Gladio – Behind False Flag Terrorism & 9/11 Operation

Gladio is often referred to when the subject of state sponsored terror is rejected by the people who still dont get it. Gladio was planned, coordinated and carried out by intelligence services with American involvement. Yes, American intelligence.

The goal of state terror is to frighten the people into giving up

their freedom for more security. More police, more invasive measures on the people. Money changes hands, America supplies weapons and makes demands, innocent people die. Small time players are tried and convicted, evidence is classified under the guise of National Security, and the big fish always get away. This is how it’s done.


Timewatch: Operation Gladio –



Truth & Lies of 9/11By Mike Rupert – From the Wilderness 2hra and 20 min movie presented by Brasscheck tv http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8797525979024486145&q=ruppert Twin Tower Deceptions and Demolitions


U.S. citizens demand truth on 9/11 Seven years after the 9/11 tragedy in New York, there are many people who say they don’t trust the official version of events.

The U.S. government denies all conspiracy theories but skeptics say there are still more questions than answers.

Hundreds of protesters have come out onto the streets of New York City. They roamed the streets chanting, and held peace signs in front of where the Twin Towers used to stand. On the anniversary of the tragedy that shook the world, these people say they want answers. They are challenging the official results of the investigation into 9/11.

They say what they want is the truth. According to the 9/11 Truth Movement, the goal of officials behind 9/11 was to justify America’s wars and increase domestic control. Meanwhile, some Americans say the beliefs of the movement are too controversial and offensive.

To them the Truth Movement’s way of demanding answers is too confrontational, and that’s what turns people off. Protesters, however, believe that more people support them than some are ready to admit.



Unseen 9/11 Footage Finally Being Released By FBI, DOJ The FBI and the Department of Justice have released ten new videos http://www.penttbom.com./ Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference Videos


War and Globalization – The Truth Behind September 11 In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by “Islamic terrorists”.

Through meticulous research, he has uncovered a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration According to Chossudovsky, the “war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus.

The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex. September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders.

Washington’s agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State.


What We Saw Never before Here is a never before-released video of the WTC attacks. This has to be the clearest and most detailed video surrounding the terrorist attack on the towers. The video is graphic in depicting the collapse of the first tower. Investigate 9/11 http://www.universalseed.org http://www.patriotsquestion911.com www.loosechange911.com


What’s The Truth?: How Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse? The last half hour is the best with a superb speech given by Col Bowman. We shouldn’t need to ask these questions, we should know the truth. This film highlights the strong likelihood that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down, not by fire, but by controlled demolition.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8076200333701191665 William Rodriguez on C-SPAN – 8/17/07 Two hour uncut film..



ZELIKOW – part 1 Philip Zelikow, 9/11 insider is scheduled to speak at Chautauqua Institution on August 9, 2007 (western New York, near Jamestown).

Zero – An Investigation Into 9-11 Who was involved in 9/11? Documentary reveals shocking facts. On the anniversary of 9/11, an Italian-produced documentary called ZERO, investigating the tragedy, is opening in Russia. The authors believe that the U.S. official version of events surrounding the attacks can’t be true. U.S. networks have rejected the film.

http://wideeyecinema.com/?p=250 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2552272004544976567&hl=en http://canadawantsthetruth911videos.blogspot.com/2007/12/popular-mechanicsdebunked.html http://canadawantsthetruth911videos.blogspot.com/2007/11/robert-lewis-documentaryon-911-truth.html

the truth about 9-11

Working at Ground Zero 2. NIST FOIA Release 10

Working at Ground Zero 3. NIST FOIA Release 10

Working at Ground Zero 4. NIST FOIA Release 10

Working at Ground Zero 5. FDNY, Construction, Ironworkers- from NIST FOIA R.10

Working at Ground Zero 6. WTC Debris, Ironworkers Cutting Steel

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2011 World Trade Center, New York, October 2001. Source: NIST FOIA Rel. 10, WTCI-31-NYC_Pt1of6.wmv

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